Top 15 Customer Data Platforms in the US

Top 15 Customer Data Platforms in the US

The strategic utilization of customer data has become the linchpin for success. As brands navigate through the complexities of the data-driven era, Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) emerge as indispensable tools, functioning as the nexus where data becomes a dynamic force for business success. 

The significance of choosing the right CDP is paramount, as it needs to align with an organization’s unique business strategies and values. In essence, data stands as the fluid that not only keeps a business afloat but also fuels its growth and resilience. 

As we explore the top 15 CDPs in the United States, we unravel the pivotal role these platforms play in orchestrating personalized customer experiences, fostering efficient marketing strategies, and ultimately contributing to the longevity and success of brands in a data-centric landscape.


ActionIQActionIQ is an innovative composable CDP designed for enterprise brands aiming to accelerate growth and provide meaningful customer experiences. Engineered to handle data in constant motion, ActionIQ’s distinctive composable architecture offers marketers a seamless and secure way to activate data throughout the customer journey while ensuring data remains in its original secure locations. The platform enables the unification of data from diverse sources, the creation of intelligent audiences, the resolution of customer identities, and the crafting of personalized interactions. Simultaneously, ActionIQ aids technical teams in extending their existing technology investments to effectively manage data governance, costs, and performance. 

Top Customers: Albertsons, Atlassian, Bloomberg, DoorDash, HP


AcquiaAcquia empowers digital innovators to craft highly effective and seamless digital experiences with a meaningful impact on their customers, employees, and communities. The platform includes a drag-and-drop editor, 360 degrees customer view, robust customer segmentation with in-depth segment analysis, and a variety of options for data filtering. Through Acquia CDP, organizations can consolidate customer data from diverse sources into a unified and persistent customer ID. This enables cross-functional teams to leverage machine learning insights, facilitating large-scale 1:1 segmentation. Acquia’s approach ensures a unified and comprehensive strategy for managing customer data and enhancing digital experiences.

Top Customers: Clarks, Sun&Ski, MCM, Lids, J.CREW


AdobeAdobe Real-Time CDP efficiently gathers both B2C and B2B data from various systems, seamlessly consolidating it into real-time profiles that are readily deployable across any channel. Functioning as a comprehensive customer data management solution spanning from acquisition to loyalty,it incorporates advanced tools and customer data capabilities. Leveraging robust third-party data integrations and collaborative second-party data tools, organizations can prospect new customers, enhance initial experiences, optimize audience targeting – all without the dependency on third-party cookies. Real-Time CDP seamlessly connects natively with other applications, ensuring swift results without the need for additional connectors. Its capabilities include composition, building, ranking, splitting, modeling, and more to intricately shape audiences tailored for enterprise-level needs.

Top Customers: Panera Bread, Coles, Henkel, The Home Depot 


FirstHiveFirstHive provides a comprehensive CDP that consolidates first-party data from both online and offline sources. This aggregated data serves as the foundation for brands to develop personalized marketing campaigns, leveraging insights gained from the platform. The decision engine goes beyond mere aggregation, learning from the data to provide personalized communication suggestions for engaging customers across various channels. Specializing in CDP solutions tailored for manufacturers, FirstHive enables the integration of marketing and supply chain data with production and distribution systems. Through data-driven personalization, users can cultivate loyalty among supply chain partners. Additionally, the platform allows for the incorporation of third-party data to identify influencers within the supply chain.


HighTouchHightouch is a provider of Data Activation and CDP solutions. Hightouch syncs data to CRM, e-mail, advertising tools and more. No engineering, manual work, or costly CDP required. This innovative platform empowers marketing and data teams to seamlessly activate customer data directly from their data warehouse, reaching over 200 destinations including ad platforms and CRMs. Hightouch offers a swift, flexible, and scalable CDP alternative. By facilitating the direct activation of audiences and various customer data points from the organization’s central data warehouse, Hightouch streamlines and enhances the integration of essential data across multiple business tools.

Top Customers:, Spotify, TripAdvisor, PetSmart, GameStop


HullHull specializes in collecting, unifying, and enriching data from your product, marketing, and sales channels, seamlessly synchronizing it across all your tools. This unified data approach fosters cohesion within your teams. While robust enough for enterprise-level demands, Unlike other solutions that create one-to-one integrations between applications, Hull’s unique CDP ensures comprehensive unification across your entire stack. This approach grants marketers enhanced visibility, control, and flexibility over their customer data, empowering effective execution of ABM and demand generation initiatives. With real-time, two-way synchronization capabilities, Hull ensures that data in your tools stays current, keeping your teams consistently aligned.

Top Customers: Pusher, Funnel, Meero, Spendesk, AB Tasty


InsiderInsider, a comprehensive platform for crafting personalized, cross-channel experiences, empowers enterprise marketers by seamlessly connecting customer data across various channels and systems. Leveraging an AI intent engine, the platform predicts future customer behavior and facilitates the creation of individualized customer experiences. Marketers rely on Insider to deliver consistent and engaging interactions across a spectrum of channels, including Web, App, Web Push, Email, SMS, WhatsApp Commerce, and more.

Insider’s suite of features encompasses the ability to seamlessly connect data, empowers marketers to harness the potential of data and AI, enables the orchestration of omnichannel customer journeys across more than 12 channels.

Top Customers: GAP, Toyota, Burger King, Puma, MAC, Marks & Spencers


LeadSpaceLeadspace is a B2B CDP, providing companies with the means to regain control over their data. This empowers marketing, sales, and operations teams to catalyze growth through precise, personalized engagement across all channels. At the core of Leadspace’s effectiveness lies a robust and open B2B data engine, complemented by sophisticated AI and a proprietary graph of B2B personas. Fueled by 30+ premier third-party B2B data sources, the platform’s innovative Graph feature comprehensively understands account hierarchies and numerous buying signals, enabling accurate lead-to-account matching and scoring at both the company and buying center levels. Users can seamlessly integrate their first-party data. 

Top Customers: American Express, Microsoft, Zoom, Monster, 8×8, Seagate


LyticsLytics, a real-time CDP, assists organizations in constructing a comprehensive view of their customers. By unifying data and extracting valuable insights, Lytics empowers marketers to automate personalized journeys based on customer behavior and preferences, enhancing overall efficiency and fueling growth. Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, Lytics is led by experienced professionals in marketing and technology, with leadership backgrounds at Webtrends, Airship, Tripwire, and Puppet. It is a composable CDP that is modular, flexible, and keeps businesses agile in the face of change. Lytics is the first privacy-centric CDP solution for global enterprises, and the first natively integrated with Generative AI.

Top Customers: Time, Live Nation, Universal, Yamaha, Heineken


mParticlemParticle, an AI-driven CDP revolutionizes the entire customer data stack by seamlessly blends data quality and compliance safeguards with insightful predictions, and empowering companies to streamline their customer data infrastructure. The platform accelerates scalable growth by maximizing the value of data. This comprehensive approach enhances conversion rates, retention, and time-to-monetization by ensuring high-quality customer data is readily available wherever needed. mParticle enables proactive targeting of likely-to-convert users and mitigates churn risks. Users can easily segment for targeting, create dynamically updated lists, and seamlessly distribute them across leading marketing and advertising solutions with just a few clicks. 

Top Customers: NBCUniversal, JetBlue, The CW, PayPal, Lyft, Gemini


OracleOracle Unity is a cutting-edge CDP solution that seamlessly amalgamates customer data from online, offline, and third-party sources, culminating in a singular, dynamic, and real-time customer view. This platform goes beyond conventional data management by leveraging machine learning to prescribe optimal next actions within existing business processes. In a bid to enhance customer engagements across diverse industries, Oracle has integrated 15 baseline artificial intelligence (AI) models into Oracle Unity. As an integral part of Oracle Fusion Cloud Customer Experience (CX), Oracle Unity seamlessly blends built-in artificial intelligence with customizable, industry-specific data models. 

Top Customers: Margaret Mary Health, Bolthouse Farms, Sketchers, Rheem

Segment by Twilio

Segment by TwilioTwilio Segment is a transformative solution that empowers businesses to cultivate data-driven and personalized customer experiences, ultimately enhancing lifetime value and brand growth. By seamlessly integrating a native CDP with multichannel capabilities, Twilio Engage offers a unified and data-centric approach to marketing. At the core of this innovation is Twilio Segment’s CDP, providing a modern customer data foundation. This ensures that all customer experiences are powered by trusted, real-time, and first-party customer data. The platform excels in creating scalable native communications channels, leveraging APIs trusted to send billions of communications daily, thereby enabling global outreach to a vast audience. In essence, Twilio Segment provides a comprehensive solution for data-driven personalization and efficient growth.

Top Customers: Vista, Fox, Domino’s, Instacart, Daily Harvest, CrossFit


TealiumTealium is a catalyst for seamless customer data connectivity across web, mobile, offline, and IoT platforms, enhancing businesses’ ability to engage effectively with their customers. With a robust turnkey integration ecosystem supporting over 1,300 built-in connections, Tealium empowers brands to establish a comprehensive, real-time customer data infrastructure. The suite of solutions encompasses a CDP featuring machine learning, tag management, an API hub, and data management solutions. These components collectively elevate the value, actionability, privacy compliance, and security of customer data. Trusted by over 850 leading businesses globally, Tealium is recognized for its strategic product roadmap and unwavering focus on data collection and activation.

Top customers: Bupa, MoneySmart, Mr. Apple, Lion, L’Oréal


TotangoTotango efficiently consolidates diverse customer data streams into a unified 360-degree view, enabling proactive monitoring for timely actions. Totango’s products, driven by the Dynamic No-Schema Active Customer Index technology, provide customer insights and powerful tools for data-driven actions, reducing churn and improving customer renewal and expansion. Totango Spark optimizes the entire customer journey, resulting in reduced churn rates, increased customer lifetime value, and improved trial conversion, product adoption, and onboarding. Zoe, another key component, fosters a customer-centric culture by providing frictionless access to rich customer data and insights within everyday tools, facilitating cross-functional collaboration for impactful customer experiences.

Top Customers: taskrabbit, aruba, SentinelOne, WayStr, GitHub

Treasure Data CDP

Treasure Data CDPTreasure Data enables major corporations to leverage customer data as a strategic business asset. Their expansive enterprise-level CDP and extensive expertise empower teams focused on customer interaction to create cohesive and connected customer experiences, fostering efficient business growth. With a global footprint in data centers, teams, and partnerships, Treasure Data offers efficient deployment and flexible tools on a global scale. The Customer Data Cloud provides a comprehensive solution, reducing risks by delivering essential security, governance, and compliance tools to navigate complex global privacy requirements. Treasure Data ensures an end-to-end solution, facilitating connected customer experiences across various channels and departments for all brands on a global scale.

Top Customers: Sony, asianpaints, dentsu, Mattel, Yamaha, LG, Canon