Stagwell Partners with Google Cloud, SADA to Develop Marketing-Focused Gen AI Solutions

Through this collaboration, SMC will build AI-based tools for modern marketers and receive development support from Google Cloud as a strategic cloud and AI provider.

Stagwell, the challenger network built to transform marketing, announced a unique partnership with Google Cloud and SADA, a Google Cloud Premier Partner, to develop generative AI (gen AI) marketing solutions that support Stagwell agencies, client partners, and product development within the Stagwell Marketing Cloud (SMC).

Through this collaboration, SMC will build AI-based tools for modern marketers and receive development support from Google Cloud as a strategic cloud and AI provider. This work will greatly enhance SMC’s ability to identify, develop, and infuse AI capabilities into all of its products. SMC will leverage Google Cloud’s gen AI solutions including Vertex AI, Duet AI, and other advanced tools to create new solutions, initially spanning the following areas to help customers:

  • Transform brand campaigns: Develop go-to-market programs for brands supported by gen AI, specifically with SMC’s Media Studio Audience Identification, PRophet Monitor, and PR applications.
  • Accelerate gen AI solution development: Develop solutions that drive market-leading initiatives, such as translation services for market research and survey solutions, and an AI agent-to-agent service. 
  • Harness data analytics and insights: Develop and train a proprietary Stagwell large language model (LLM) purpose-built for Stagwell clients; productize data assets via APIs to create new digital experiences for brands, and multiply the value of their first-party data ecosystems to drive new revenue streams using Vertex AI and open source-based models.

Additionally, SMC plans on releasing its solutions on Google Cloud Marketplace in the future, scaling access to Stagwell’s marketing-focused AI-enabled product suite.

The partnership comes as artificial intelligence is poised to help transform a diverse range of popular consumer segments such as automotive, entertainment, financial, hospitality, retail and more, driving operational efficiencies, marketing transformation, and customer experience innovation for digital companies worldwide. For Stagwell, the collaboration with Google Cloud adds a trusted technology partner who can accelerate the company’s ability to identify, build, and scale AI products. 

“Partnering with Google Cloud is an opportunity to strengthen our SMC offering and engage with some of the best technology professionals as we build, test, and scale our gen AI products. This partnership gets market-shifting technology to our client partners faster than ever,” said Mark Penn, Chairman and CEO, Stagwell. “As we work to lead the AI-based transformation of marketing, we’re excited to partner with Google Cloud and SADA to chart the future on AI.”

“Through Stagwell’s collaboration with Google Cloud, brands can gain competitive access to the transformative power of gen AI, accelerating the development of customer-centric marketing campaigns with enhanced data analysis and automation,” said Caroline Yap, Managing Director, Global AI Business, Google Cloud. “This partnership exemplifies Google Cloud’s commitment to getting cutting edge technology into the hands of customers through its easy-to-deploy, scalable, and secure AI solutions.”  

“At Stagwell and in the Stagwell Marketing Cloud, we are laser-focused on reinventing the marketing technology stack with AI-infused products and solutions,” said Merrill Raman, Global Chief Technology Officer, Stagwell. “With rich proprietary data and insights from our in-depth knowledge in core marketing disciplines, we are eager to work with Google Cloud and develop purpose-built gen AI models and tools that drive value for our clients, and help them win in the marketplace.”

“SADA is proud to be Stagwell’s trusted advisor on their gen AI and cloud transformation journey. We’re thrilled to be a part of this exciting partnership working with a visionary company like Stagwell that is leading with technology to help take their businesses to a completely unprecedented level,” said Tony Safoian, President & CEO, SADA.