Acquia Acuires Monsido, Expands Its DXP

The acquisition will help companies provide even better, more productive digital journeys through their online presence, including optimization of websites, content, and digital engagement.

Acquia, a digital experience solutions provider, is expanding its digital experience platform, Acquia DXP, to help companies provide even better, more productive digital journeys through their online presence, including optimization of websites, content, and digital engagement.

The new Acquia solution is based on the company’s acquisition of the Monsido platform, a website accessibility, content quality, search engine optimization, data privacy, and performance solution from CivicPlus, and partnerships with Conductor, an organic marketing platform provider, and VWO, an experimentation and conversion optimization platform provider.

Financial terms of the Monsido platform deal were not disclosed.

“Acquia’s vision is to deliver the most open DXP to enable our customers to improve their businesses by creating superior experiences,” said Steve Reny, president and CEO of Acquia, in a statement. “Monsido empowers digital marketers and website owners with an all-in-one suite of capabilities for website optimization and compliance. Used with any website or as part of Acquia DXP, Monsido helps make digital experiences more optimized, accessible, and inclusive, so organizations can fulfill legal and regulatory requirements, uphold social responsibility, and expand market reach.”

“As the leading provider of accessibility solutions in the U.S., CivicPlus remains deeply committed to bringing accessible and inclusive technology to local governments. Through this partnership with Acquia, we will continue to make the Monsido solution and its accessibility, quality assurance, and web governance capabilities available to U.S. communities,” said Brian Rempe, CEO of CivicPlus, in a statement. “At the same time, we recognize that accessible digital experiences are critically important for every interaction with every digital property, and we’re pleased to know that Acquia’s leadership of the Monsido solution will bring this powerful tool to more entities in more markets around the world. By forming this partnership, CivicPlus and Acquia will lead and empower greater adoption of accessible technology that creates positive digital interactions for all technology users.”

“Today’s DXPs fall short in providing a comprehensive offering for digital experience optimization,” said Dries Buytaert, creator and project lead of the Drupal content management system and co-founder, chief technology officer, and chief strategy officer of Acquia, in a statement. “Acquia already provides the best platform for building and operating digital experiences. With the acquisition of Monsido and strategic partnerships with VWO and Conductor, we now offer the industry’s best platform for creating inclusive and optimized experiences.”

“Partnering with VWO enables Acquia to offer customers new and advanced features for personalization, testing, and behavior insights beyond Drupal,” said Sparsh Gupta, co-founder and CEO of VWO, in a statement. “Adding VWO as an option within Acquia DXP demonstrates Acquia’s commitment to providing open and optimized solutions that ensure broad technological compatibility and are inclusive of diverse user needs.”

“Acquia DXP users have a range of powerful options for managing content. With this partnership, we’re enabling enterprise marketing teams with AI-powered SEO insights directly in the place where they create and manage digital experiences to help them capitalize on search opportunities and maximize the value of their digital content,” said Conductor Chief Product Officer Wei Zheng in a statement.