Partners with Chicago Auto Show Drives Partnership with the Chicago Auto Show

Over the past two decades, has played an integral role in enhancing the digital presence of the Chicago Auto Show, a global digital agency, is commemorating its partnership with the Chicago Auto Show as it marks its 20th year with as the website agency, development partner, and hosting service provider. 

The Chicago Auto Show stands as the largest consumer auto show in the United States, boasting a remarkable array of exhibits, including domestic and imported vehicle manufacturers, concept cars, competition vehicles, collector cars, and a wealth of auto-related experiences.

“ is immensely proud to celebrate two decades of partnership with the Chicago Auto Show,” Michael Svanascini, President of, said. “Our ongoing commitment to delivering innovative digital solutions aligns perfectly with the Chicago Auto Show’s dedication to offering a world-class experience to its attendees. We look forward to enhancing the online presence of this iconic event for years to come.”

Over the past two decades, has played an integral role in enhancing the digital presence of the Chicago Auto Show through its dedicated website. This digital platform has evolved significantly to cater to the needs of both exhibitors, media, and attendees. Among the notable milestones achieved during this enduring partnership are the streamlining of the ticketing process to accommodate digital and paper options efficiently and the creation of personalized portals for exhibitors, sponsors, and media personnel.

Exhibitors now have seamless access to critical updates, exhibit space details, setup procedures, and comprehensive resources through their dedicated portal. Similarly, media professionals from around the world can apply for credentials via the website, with validated members gaining access to a wealth of resources and information essential for their comprehensive coverage of the Chicago Auto Show.

As the Chicago Auto Show continues to prioritize delivering an exceptional experience to auto industry enthusiasts, enhancements to support the “First Look for Charity” event, advanced analytics reporting, and a wide range of content updates are on the horizon, promising user experiences that are finely tuned to meet the evolving expectations of auto enthusiasts.

“ has proven again and again to be the perfect partner to provide the knowledge and technology necessary to take our event online and into the homes of attendees,” said Mark Bilek, Senior Director of Project Management, Membership & Technology at the Chicago Automobile Trade Association. 

“The ongoing relationship with has allowed us to develop class-leading solutions for ticketing, credentialing, and consumer engagement that has both reduced operating costs and improved the overall experience.”