Chattermill Introduces Copilot, A Generative AI Solution

Chattermill Introduces Copilot, A Generative AI Solution

By utilizing datasets of analyzed customer interactions, Copilot answers CX, Product, and Marketing questions, helping businesses use the voice of the customer to facilitate data-driven decisions.

Chattermill, the Customer Experience Intelligence company, announced the launch of Copilot – a generative AI solution built to redefine how leading brands utilize customer feedback to retain customers and grow their business.

By utilizing datasets of hundreds of thousands of analyzed customer interactions – including surveys, product reviews, and support tickets, among others – Copilot answers CX, Product, and Marketing questions, helping businesses use the voice of the customer to facilitate data-driven decision-making and ensure sustainable growth.

“Generative AI rewrites the rules in the world of business analytics. It’s not just a technological advancement; it’s a game-changer breaking down barriers and making data analysis accessible to everyone,” said Mikhail Dubov, CEO of Chattermill. “Copilot is a testament to our commitment to helping our customers drive innovation, empowering every team member to actively participate in decision-making, ultimately revolutionizing the way companies make strategic choices and drive success.”

Answering questions with transformational insights

Soon, anyone using Chattermill will be able to ask direct questions to a GPT-powered AI model, which simplifies the process for companies seeking insights into their customer experience. For example, CX, Product, and Marketing professionals will be able to address the following questions:

  • CX Teams: What factors are influencing product returns this month? What are the key drivers of customer churn?
  • Product and UX Teams: Which features have the most significant positive impact on user retention and acquisition? Which steps in our customer journey are causing the highest drop-off rates?
  • Marketing and Revenue Teams: Which pricing strategies or product bundles are most attractive to our target audience? What are the main reasons customers choose our competitors over us?

The most customer-centric brands are already at the forefront of innovation, harnessing AI for cutting-edge customer data analysis. Zappos, a renowned industry leader, has forged a strategic partnership with Chattermill to deliver top-tier experiences for customers.

“With Chattermill’s Copilot, we’ll be able to transform the way we approach customer research at Zappos, making strategic decisions collaboratively across CX, Customer Support, Product, and Marketing teams,” says Alex Zenov, Head of Customer Research and Marketing Insights at Zappos. “With a more intuitive, chat-like interface, we’ll be able to democratize access to customer insights from our voice of the customer data for everyone in the company, answer critical business questions faster, and become more agile as a team.”

Generative AI Built for a New Way of Working

The new generative AI capabilities in the Chattermill Experience Intelligence platform help companies facilitate data-driven decision-making, prioritize actions that directly impact return on investment, and improve cross-team collaboration by generating precise answers to any business question, backed with quantifiable results and verified customer quotes.

New and future capabilities include:

Conversational Interface: Copilot allows anyone to clearly understand customer experience by asking open-ended questions. In addition to surfacing valuable insights, the intuitive UI and auto-generated visualizations can remove another barrier for companies that want to share data insights across the entire organization easily.

Quantifiable Results: Copilot, empowered by its robust architecture and AI regimen, enables companies to measure the scope of customer issues, quantify results, and predict their business impact. Chattermill customers will also be able to understand the top objections or concerns customers have across different segments, facilitating efficient prioritization and data-driven decision-making.

Enterprise-Grade Trust and Security: Copilot insights built using generative AI allow Chattermill customers to check the source of their answers. By leveraging direct customer quotations, which offer solid evidence for every discerned detail, teams can have unwavering confidence in the accuracy of insights. This is further reinforced by the company’s commitment to upholding enterprise-class security and compliance, ensuring sensitive information always remains protected.

Plug-and-Play Integrations: From Slack, and Jira to Notion and Google Docs — businesses can connect all the tools, processes, and data securely with Chattermill, improving alignment, productivity, and cross-team collaboration. By connecting Chattermill with the company’s tech stack, Copilot can proactively inform about emerging market trends, risks, and opportunities by instantly sending emails and alert notifications.