Diamonds Direct launched on the BigCommerce platform


Luxury jewelry giant leverages BigCommerce’s Open SaaS enterprise ecommerce platform to create personalized shopping experiences and drive growth.

BigCommerce, an Open SaaS ecommerce platform for fast-growing and established B2C and B2B brands, announced Diamonds Direct, one of the largest luxury jewelry companies in the United States, has launched on the BigCommerce platform.

Taking advantage of BigCommerce’s headless and composable commerce capabilities, the site now delivers faster speeds and exceptional front-end capabilities, empowering Diamonds Direct to deliver unparalleled shopping experiences, driving customer loyalty and increased sales.

“Revitalizing our platform required us to transform our online business, focusing on functionality to deliver an elevated customer experience, while simultaneously prioritizing stability, scalability and security,” said Rachel Scholan, Vice President of Digital Strategy at Diamonds Direct. “BigCommerce and Experro enabled us to boost our online presence and exceed expectations with personalized customer journeys, heightened engagement and full flexibility on both ends.”

Diamonds Direct’s legacy platform was hindered by several limitations, including a lack of headless capabilities, content management and self-service tools, which required developer assistance for even minor updates. Additionally, the previous platform’s insufficient search and product merchandising capabilities coupled with disconnected technology stacks and siloed data, resulted in poor site performance, limited omnichannel capabilities and, ultimately, a sub-par customer experience.

Key features of the new site include a jewelry builder to provide personalized shopping experiences, as well as a product sync engine that ensures seamless synchronization of thousands of unique SKUs in near real-time fashion. The engine is specifically designed to handle the complexities of multiple vendors supplying diamonds to various retailers, ensuring that each diamond is accurately reflected in the inventory. Rapidops and 1Center integrated multiple internal systems including their PoS to automate many operational processes.