EX.CO Debuts Vertical Video Player for Publishers’ Websites

EX.CO Debuts Vertical Video Player for Publishers' Websites

EX.CO’s player has a first-of-its-kind, interactive, and intuitive UX inspired by the video experience on social platforms.

EX.CO, the publisher video technology platform empowering publishers to own their video content and monetization strategies, launched its new vertical video player that is fully optimized for immersive mobile web viewing experiences, and also includes a version optimized for desktop consumption. 

Specifically engineered to play vertical video content with a 10:16 aspect ratio, EX.CO’s player has a first-of-its-kind, interactive, and intuitive UX inspired by the video experience on social platforms. 

“Audiences today are consuming massive amounts of video content on social platforms like Meta, TikTok, and Twitch where they are accustomed to seeing vertical video everywhere,” said Tom Pachys, co-founder and CEO at EX.CO. “Publishers now have the tools to form a true end-to-end video strategy–both horizontal and vertical–to interact with their audiences in the most engaging format using the most appropriate tools.”

EX.CO’s new vertical video player for web environments is modeled after the video experience on various social platforms that audiences know and love. The player–which is now available to  all publishers globally–is comparable to EX.CO’s horizontal player from a monetization perspective and shows 17% more engagement than traditional horizontal players, on average. It allows users to consume a seamless feed of vertical video content without the need to rotate their phones for a better view. The player also includes familiar swiping gesture controls for maximum engagement so users can easily navigate between videos, bringing the user experience made popular by social apps.

With 78% of all web traffic across EX.CO’s platform coming from mobile and the fact that nearly all mobile users hold their phones vertically, digital publishers have been eager to identify a vertical video solution that they can introduce on their owned and operated properties. EX.CO’s new player will also allow advertisers to reach new audiences with the same high-quality video ads they are producing for social platforms.

“Thanks to mobile-first audiences and social media, vertical video for the open web has arrived–-and publishers are in a perfect position to capitalize on it,” said Oren Regev, chief product officer at EX.CO. “Our new solution will allow publishers to create vertical video for the web and social simultaneously and then simply syndicate the content, thereby saving both time and money. This change has the potential to increase returns on both shoppable video and e-commerce ads.”