FADEL Boosts PictureDesk with Syndication Portal & Ecommerce

FADEL Enhances PictureDesk with Content Syndication Portal and E-Commerce Support

The feature allow magazine publishers to increase syndication revenue and get the maximum value from their owned content.

FADEL, innovator of brand compliance, rights management, and royalty billing software, announced content syndication functionality for PictureDesk, its cloud-based content aggregator. The powerful features allow magazine publishers to increase syndication revenue and get the maximum value from their owned content.

PictureDesk acts as a universal content aggregator, consolidating ready-to-license content from media suppliers alongside internally owned, sourced, and commissioned content on a centralized cloud-based platform. This consolidation enhances content accessibility, simplifies picture research, and allows publishers to reduce both IT infrastructure and support costs.

PictureDesk facilitates content reuse and syndication by providing a portal for storing, searching, and monetizing published articles and magazine spreads. Additionally, media companies can unlock a new revenue stream by exposing editorial content and digital assets through an e-commerce web store designed for self-directed sales.

“Content reuse and syndication is a relatively simple way for magazine publishers to reduce costs and create new revenue opportunities, but if content isn’t easily retrievable, administrative time locating content and source files can shrink profits.” shared Ruth Anthony, Product Manager – PictureDesk. “FADEL is excited to extend PictureDesk’s functionality with built-in features and processes that facilitate successful syndication and e-commerce for our media customers.”

PictureDesk’s newest capabilities:

  • Make content easily retrievable for reuse and syndication via a powerful platform equipped with AI-driven visual search
  • Empower editorial teams to repurpose articles for new publications
  • Arm the sales team with visibility into content that can be showcased to prospective buyers and the ability to quickly filter by publication, year, issue, and page
  • Group final editorial pages with related source files, including layout (e.g. Adobe InDesign) and original images, for ease of distribution
  • Automatically index the text on published pages to allow content to be fully searchable
  • Surface articles and assets with an e-commerce web store