Horizon Media Canada launches blu.


The marketing platform blu. unlocks new opportunities for personalization, targeting, and media optimization.

Horizon Media, one of Canada’s media companies, has launched a state-of-the-art proprietary audience framework and data ecosystem called blu. This transformative platform promises unparalleled insights and capabilities for marketers to deliver highly personalized experiences while ensuring transparency and respecting user privacy.

Younger Canadians are more receptive to personalized ads than older generations, and they are more likely to engage with brands online after seeing a personalized ad according to survey research conducted by Horizon. The data shows that 56 percent of younger Canadians prefer personalized over traditional advertising. Additionally, 45 percent of younger Canadians are likely to engage with a brand online after seeing a personalized ad, compared to only 18 percent for traditional ads. Nearly half of Gen Z and Millennials also said they would provide more personal information if there were incentives or rewards to do so.

“blu. was conceptualized to address the evolving needs of marketers and consumers alike,” said Kevin Kivi, General Manager of Horizon Canada. “Our recognition of marketers’ need to differentiate themselves, coupled with consumers’ expectations of personalized experiences, drove the development of blu. This platform embodies our commitment to transparency and user empowerment.”

blu. offers a holistic view of Canadians throughout the entire advertising process, encompassing target development, insights generation, media planning, activation, and measurement. Its unique ability to connect seamlessly with brands’ first-party data and media owners’ data opens new possibilities for targeted campaigns, media plan optimization, and advanced measurement.

“blu. represents a major leap forward in the Canadian data-driven marketing landscape,” said Caroline Bergeron, Horizon’s Senior Vice President of Data & Digital Solutions. “Our comprehensive profiles of over 25 million adult Canadians, coupled with deterministic attributes such as demographic and household information, purchase habits, and affinities, provide unparalleled granularity for precise targeting. Additionally, our data vaults and clean room integrations ensure the utmost privacy and safeguarding of client data, while still enabling partner enhancement and measurement.”

Key features of blu. include:

  • Identity Framework & Audience Platform: Connect seamlessly with Horizon’s suite of planning, activation, and measurement tools, delivering personalization at scale.
  • Integrated Personalization Strategy: Customized to encompass behaviours, drivers, community engagement, and shopping inclinations across brand representation, online retail, customer relationship management (CRM), and collaborative branding initiatives.
  • Feedback Loops: Empowering ongoing optimization of audiences, tactics, and investment allocation for sustained campaign success.
  • Built for the Cookieless World: Anticipating and adapting to changes in the digital advertising landscape, ensuring continued effectiveness.