INEO Launches INEO Retail Media Division

INEO Launches INEO Retail Media Division

The INEO Media Network will have an inventory of more than 2.8 billion annual advertising impressions and 29 million customers

INEO Tech Corp, announced the launch of INEO Retail Media, an operating division of INEO Solutions Inc.

Greg Watkin, Chairman and founder of INEO Tech Corp. announced, “We are pleased to report the launch of INEO Retail Media. This is the next domino in our strategy, following our previous announcement of updated 5-year and 6-year contracts with key customers. As the exclusive provider of in-store media systems for our customers, this new operating division will provide us with the vehicle and focus to drive revenues from advertising and analytics through our growing media network.”

To spearhead this initiative, the company welcomed Salim Tharani, a veteran advertising industry executive as the Managing Director at INEO Retail Media. Salim’s illustrious career includes steering two Out-Of-Home advertising companies to annual sales exceeding $400 million each and managing retail digital media inventory exceeding 10,000 screens. 

“Salim’s visionary leadership, blending innovation and strategic insight, will position him as the driving force behind INEO Retail Media’s mission to become the premier in-store Retail Media advertising sales company,” remarked Kyle Hall, CEO of INEO.

Salim Tharani commented, “Brace yourselves for a revolution in retail advertising. Advertisers are shifting significant portions of their budgets to retail media networks, and we’re witnessing a notable uptick in advertising expenditures within physical stores. INEO’s unique offering ensures an immersive advertising experience anywhere within an INEO-enabled store. This creates an unprecedented opportunity for brands to infuse creativity with strategy and resonate with consumers.”

Key Features of INEO Retail Media:

Network Scope:

At launch, the INEO Media Network will have an inventory of more than 2.8 billion annual advertising impressions and 29 million customers. This number is expected to grow to more than 27 billion annual advertising impressions and 250 million customers within the next 3 years.

Exclusive In-Store Placement:

Leveraging INEO’s exclusive contracts with its large retail partners, INEO’s advertising solutions ensure maximum visibility and engagement with the target audience for the full time they are in the store.

Data-Driven Targeting:

Harnessing the power of INEO’s data analytics, INEO Retail Media enables brands to deliver targeted messages to consumers based on their geo-location, location within the store and shopping patterns.

Enhanced Shopper Experience:

By integrating seamlessly into the retail environment, INEO’s advertising solutions contribute to an enhanced shopping experience for consumers, providing valuable information and promotions.

Measurable Results:

Offering comprehensive analytics and reporting tools, INEO Retail Media allows brands to track the effectiveness of their campaigns in real-time, ensuring a measurable return on investment.

Collaborative Partnerships:

INEO has already forged strategic partnerships with major retail chains, establishing a robust network which enables brands to connect with a diverse and extensive audience.