Introducing Yaysay, The AI-Powered Shopping App

Introducing Yaysay, The AI-Powered Shopping App

Yaysay offers a novel shopping experience, replicating the real-life thrill of the hunt conveniently on your phone.

Yaysay is a new feed-based, discovery-driven shopping app that elevates off-price shopping and gamifies the thrill of the hunt. 

Powered by AI technology, Yaysay brings the fun back to shopping, delivering a relevant-for-you feed of fashion gems that is completely refreshed every day. If you don’t snag your favorites quickly — just like a swipe on a dating app — your fashion finds are gone forever. 

With iconic brands like ALC, Simkhai, Loeffler Randall, Chloe, Loewe, Isabel Marant, Acne, Vince, Ganni and hundreds more at up to 70% off, Yaysay offers that shopping fix of discovering the perfect item at an even more perfect price.

“Yaysay is all about bringing back the excitement of discovering fashion that’s perfect for you, at prices that are too good to resist,” says Lindsay Ferstandig, CEO and Co-Founder of Yaysay. “We wanted to create a mobile shopping experience that’s fun, and feels like a little bite-sized treat at the touch of your fingertips. We’ve utilized AI combined with a novel shopping experience to digitally recreate the unique off-price treasure hunt experience online for the first time.”

Bethenny, at the top of her game and a zeitgeist in the fashion and off-price shopping space, will work with Yaysay in an advisor capacity for buying, merchandising, and more.

“I love the thrill of the hunt, but most importantly, whether at $2 or $2k I require and demand value and usually purchase investment pieces. Yaysay offers fresh deals daily which is a fun and exciting way to find the best deals on must have items — and there is nothing more thrilling than finding an amazing steal and telling a friend. I don’t like nor have time for getting sucked down the rabbit hole, and this is efficient shopping. In 2023 everything is about engagement and interaction, and this provides both! Bottom line is Yaysay is innovative in a sea of everything being derivative,” states Bethenny.

Yaysay offers a novel and exciting shopping experience, replicating the real-life thrill of the hunt conveniently on your phone. Here’s what sets Yaysay apart:

  • Fresh, Personalized Line-Up Everyday: AI-powered technology delivers each customer an entirely new and personalized rack of fashion finds each day. It’s like shopping with a best friend, who just happens to know your style preferences inside out.
  • Rush and Euphoria of Discovery: By tailoring the shopping experience, customers discover the most perfect items at irresistible prices.
  • Quick Daily Habit: Say goodbye to endless scrolling and searching – AI curates a limited number of items for each user daily, providing a 5-minute dopamine fix while in line for a latte.
  • Gamified Experience: Replicating the ubiquitous habit of thumbing through social, dating, and gaming apps, Yaysay draws inspiration from these interfaces, fusing competition, luck, and limited supply to provide the ultimate shopping adventure.
  • Social Shopping: With public activity feeds, Yaysay offers a vicarious experience of seeing what your friends and influencers are buying in real time.

Philip Krim, Yaysay Co-Founder and Chairman, said, “With less than 3% online penetration for the off-priced space, Yaysay is filling an important void that consumers desperately need and want.”