Krepling Launches Centralized Universal Builder

Krepling Launches Centralized Universal Builder

This fully centralized universal builder offers merchants a consolidation of tools and services to foster personalized customer experiences.

Krepling, an ecommerce channel management platform, announced that it has raised a $3.3 million seed round and launched a fully centralized universal builder, offering merchants a consolidation of tools and services to foster personalized customer experiences. The round includes the participating investors: LAUNCH, Brickyard, Front Porch Ventures, 11 Tribes Ventures, Colabora Ventures, and Broadshade Investments. The funding will be used to further expand the Krepling team in several departments and enhance the capabilities of simplifying e-commerce integrations, without the need for outside agencies or developers.

Liam Gerada, CEO and co-founder of Krepling, said, “As marketplace options for consumers and technology advancements increase, it’s adamant for brands to use tools that will maintain business growth and not fall behind. We are addressing the most critical challenge in the e-commerce sector currently and are pivotal in providing a comprehensive toolkit that supports the modern mid-market merchant looking to scale. With this funding, we can advance our distinctive edge in the market and empower merchants to navigate the e-commerce landscape with unparalleled ease and efficiency.

Jason Calacanis, CEO, founder, and managing partner of LAUNCH, said, “Krepling’s solution eliminates the countless hours spent connecting the various business operations required to deliver a seamless ecommerce experience. Krepling went through Launch Accelerators 23rd Cohort and has grown nicely since then allowing us to back the company consistently. With their background as e-commerce merchants themselves, Liam and his team are uniquely positioned to build a powerful, future-forward platform for merchants.”

With the retail e-commerce industry projected to reach $8.1 trillion by 2026, merchants are focused on modernizing and integrating their workflows, such as shipping solutions and inventory management systems, to offer consumers a seamless shopping experience. However, a data bottleneck arises when basic business operations and powerful automation platforms do not communicate across different e-commerce services, ultimately holding merchants back from growing their businesses efficiently. Krepling is solving this issue for hundreds of mid-market merchants by granting control over their channel management and e-commerce tech stacks. The company’s new centralized universal builder enables merchants to have their operations all-in-one place, eliminating the need for disparate platforms, and offers enhanced data capabilities to capture customer data without coding experience.

The investment will be mostly channeled toward expanding Krepling’s team, with a primary focus on hiring new sales leads, managers, and developers. The company prioritizes nurturing a workspace that is employee-centric and harnesses the myriad of benefits in a hybrid-remote model. With Krepling nearly doubling its valuation by the end of the year, new hires will help accelerate productivity and streamline an intuitive dashboard to help brands refine the shopping experience for their customers.