Lincoln Financial Group Debuts The Action Plan Campaign

Lincoln Financial Group Debuts The Action Plan Campaign

The campaign urges consumers to rethink the way they approach the concept of retirement, shifting from “retirement planning” to “action planning.”

Lincoln Financial Group debuted  “The Action Plan,” a campaign that reframes the way the financial category perceives and talks about the new era of retirees. Based on the latest research from the firm1, those in their 50s and early 60s are healthier and more active than any generation prior—they will likely live longer, healthier lives—and retirement will not slow them down. With this insight, alongside advertising agency partner Havas and media agency partner, Crossmedia, the new campaign is based on the theme “Make Your Pastimes Last a Lifetime.”

Kathy Kavanaugh, SVP, CMO, Individual Solutions & Brand at Lincoln Financial, said, “The research and insight that influenced this campaign strategy are important from not only a marketing perspective, but from a human perspective. We dug deep into the mindset of our pre-retiree audience to understand what they want their retirement to look like — our research revealed that 64% of (affluent) 50–60-year-olds say they anticipate spending the same or more amount of time on their activities and pastimes in retirement. All in all, we found that they have no plans to slow down, big dreams for the future, and pastimes they want to explore more.”

The research shows that the new generation of retirees will require their money to go further than ever before, but the retirement conversation is broken. Not only so, but the way this demographic is portrayed is broken as well. Two in every three of adults 50+ agree that the media often rely on outdated stereotypes to portray people their age. This opens a completely new conversation around retirement planning and presents an opportunity for Lincoln to showcase retirees outside of category norms.

Tim Maleeny, Chief Strategy Officer of Havas Creative North America, said, “Our strategy came to life when we realized this group needs more than a retirement plan, they need an action plan. We want consumers to be asking: ‘Will I have enough money to ensure my pastimes last a lifetime?’ And we believe this white space in the category ensures that Lincoln will be the financial services brand for people who never want to slow down.”

The campaign urges consumers to rethink the way they approach the concept of retirement, shifting from “retirement planning” to “action planning.” The campaign’s new reframe of retirement advertising features The Hiking Plan, The Wellness Plan, The Sailing Plan, and essentially any pastime consumers will need to financially plan for.

Angela Laubmeier, Vice President of Corporate Brand & Advertising at Lincoln Financial, said, “The Action Plan campaign challenges people to self-reflect on what their pastimes are, taking an untraditional approach to spark conversations around retirement planning: What am I passionate about doing? What have I always had to make time for in my working years but will have more time to enjoy in retirement. This campaign is deeply reflective and demonstrates the uniqueness of the individuals that our brand and company help each day.”

The “plans,” purposefully art directed and designed, are one of the biggest breakthroughs within.

Israel Garber, Creative Managing Director of Havas New York, said,”The thick, slanted, white type in TV and digital out-of-home puts the campaign more in the company of performance brands than stuffy financial brands to appeal to this active audience. Our films are shoutouts to people who didn’t let their 50th birthday change what gets them going. It’s time someone showed the truth of what we are all doing; not the tropes of our parents’ retirement ads!”

The agency will roll out a fully integrated creative campaign across connected TV, social media, digital, and out-of-home in New York and Chicago starting in January. Click here to watch the campaign “Anthem.” More of The Pastime Series includes: Culinary Plan, Explorer Plan, and the Sailing Plan.