My Code establishes New Gen Z Research Series

My Code establishes New Gen Z Research Series

The new insights-driven series leverages My Code’s Intelligence Center to deliver tangible insights and recommendations for brands on the most pressing issues facing diverse Gen Z communities.

My Code, a diverse media company, has established a new research series built for marketers seeking brand relevance and deep consumer insight about Gen Z communities, uncovering the influence these audiences have across cultural touchpoints and societal and economic issues, including education, politics and more. The first wave of research will be a two-part series centered on Latine Gen Z audiences in collaboration with Remezcla, the leading minority-owned Latine digital publication, creative agency and production studio dedicated to Latine culture.

My Code and Remezcla are uniquely positioned to conduct rigorous, multilayered research, tapping into My Code’s Intelligence Center and Remezcla’s deep-rooted expertise in Latine youth. My Code’s Intelligence Center is a proprietary platform dedicated to analyzing and reporting on ever-changing multicultural and diverse American consumers’ sentiments, opinions, and habits. 

My Code’s new research series will develop several reports rich in Gen Z audience intelligence data and insights, exploring the cultural influence of this demographic and their leading role as trendsetters, tastemakers, and influencers. The first two installments developed in collaboration with Remezcla will uncover a variety of cultural touchpoints and societal and economic subject matter from political mobilization and impact to the reshaping of education and professional success — elements crucial in understanding this audience to forge more authentic connections between brands and target groups. 

My Code and Remezcla formed a team of prominent industry leaders well-versed in cultural nuances and understanding, vigorous research, strategy, and authentic audience engagement to construct an impactful series. The dedicated research committee will be led by My Code’s Aaron Braxton, General Manager, Research and Insights and Alexandra Kennedy, Executive Vice President, Commercial Strategy, and Remezcla’s Thatiana Diaz, Editor in Chief and Jemilly Castro, VP of Strategy.

“It is essential to acknowledge the significance of Latine Gen Z as a powerful force shaping the future amidst today’s unprecedented rates of rapid change and innovation,” said Braxton. “This series serves as a testament to the power of research and analysis in accelerating marketers’ understanding and celebration of the contributions of diverse Gen Z communities in culture.”

“Our combined expertise will allow us to advance the information marketers require to develop stronger strategies and tactics to reach the growing Latine audience, a population that’s deserving of more thoughtful and representative brand communication,” said Castro.