Nova Marketing Partners with Nova Brand Projection

Nova Marketing Partners with Nova Brand Projection

The merger offers enhanced distribution and direct mail capabilities in the Midwest marketplace via expanded direct mail.

Nova Marketing Services announced that it has completed a synergistic merger with Nova Brand Projection in Atlanta, GA, and has rebranded as Nova Brand Projection. Nova Marketing Services is historically known for excellence in the Midwest for direct mail, kitting, warehousing, and fulfillment services. 

The rebrand offers expanded services to clients, including commercial print, packaging, signage, multi-media marketing, creative & ideation, branded promotional items, and apparel solutions. The merger introduces a unique client service model that offers a team of dedicated experts focused on the client’s brand with one primary point of contact to manage the entire scope of its brand projection needs.

The merger offers enhanced distribution and direct mail capabilities into the Midwest marketplace for clients currently served by Nova Brand Projection in Atlanta, GA. Via expanded direct mail, kitting, and fulfillment services in St. Louis, existing clients will benefit from shortened days-in-transit to the West Coast, improving their ability to reach customers faster.

Sarah Gossett, CEO of Nova Brand Projection, said, “This merger has been in the making for more than eighteen months, and I couldn’t be more excited that it’s finally launched! Our united client base can expect faster output and improved product quality as we utilize St. Louis’s and Atlanta’s assets to fit their brand projection needs best. I’m confident our combined capabilities will strengthen existing client relationships and attract new clients and partners long-term.”

“A rebrand takes considerable planning, as systems, processes, and teams are rebuilt,” says Christopher Graham, CEO, Crown Capital Investments. “Our leadership at the “Novas” has steadily risen to each challenge. I am thrilled to see them achieve this important milestone and the benefits it will convey to their clients.”