Orbee Partners With Anaphora

Orbee Partners With Anaphora

This partnership is set to introduce more ways for dealerships to activate rich email creation that is integrated into Orbee’s personalization capabilities.

Orbee Inc., a customer experience middleware provider for the automotive industry, announced an integration with Anaphora, known for its creative asset design and user-friendly engagement tools. This integration is set to introduce more ways for dealerships to activate rich email creation that is integrated into Orbee’s personalization capabilities – while consistently being on brand.

The crux of this integration lies in the harmonious integration of Anaphora’s design tools for content creation with Orbee’s sophisticated email marketing automation and CDP integration. Anaphora brings to the table its expertise in crafting OEM brand-compliant design assets, ensuring that email marketing materials not only resonate with the audience but also adhere to the stringent standards of OEMs, including Porsche, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Koenigsegg, Audi, Volkswagen, Scania, and Bentley.

Complementing Anaphora’s creative platform capabilities, Orbee’s platform provides the personalization datasets from its CDP capabilities, audience segmentation to align the right template to the right shopper, and email campaign management and delivery engine. Integrated with CDP merge tags, emails can speak directly to the individual based on the first-party data dealerships already have. Utilizing Orbee’s advanced segmentation capabilities, the integration enables the distribution of email marketing content to finely-tuned audience lists. This precise targeting is further enhanced by Orbee’s identity resolution capabilities, which ensures that any engagement is utilized to enrich the customer’s profile with their shopping behaviors on the dealership site.

Peter Fong, Chief Commercial Officer of Orbee, emphasized the significance of this integration, stating, “By combining Anaphora’s creative excellence in designing OEM brand compliant assets with our advanced email distribution and segmentation capabilities, we can offer the best of both worlds for those dealerships and brands that demand a richer level of experience.”

Marat Pashkevich, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Anaphora, shared his enthusiasm for the integration, adding, “Our integration with Orbee enables us to bring our creative brand designs to life in the most effective way, reaching the intended audience with precision and relevance.”

Together, Orbee and Anaphora are focused on enhancing the overall impact of email marketing in automotive retail which will continue to be relevant if personalized, relevant, and engaging. Through this integration, dealerships can access a comprehensive solution that encompasses creative design, compliance, data-driven targeting, and effective distribution.