Postalytics Unveils Premium Integration Features for HubSpot

Postalytics Unveils Premium Integration Features for HubSpot

Postalytics, the leading direct mail automation software, is pleased to announce the release of premium integration features for HubSpot.

Postalytics, the leading direct mail automation software, is pleased to announce the release of premium integration features for HubSpot. Since its inception, Postalytics has always supported basic HubSpot integration across all plans, including the free version, simplifying the complexity of direct mail marketing. With the new premium integration features, the company is taking the HubSpot-Postalytics partnership to a new level. A few of the newly available features include:

  • Postal production and delivery events and direct mail responses logged in HubSpot’s Contact and Company timelines
  • Seamless integration with a wider range of HubSpot tools, including Contacts, Company and Custom Objects as well Workflows and Lists
  • HubSpot-triggered postal mail and detailed variable data for segmentation and personalization

The Postalytics HubSpot Basic Integration has always provided an excellent foundation for businesses and agencies to merge direct mail with their inbound digital marketing strategy and continues to do so. However, the recently launched HubSpot Premium Integration takes this further by offering more tools for sophisticated data use, deeper insights, and greater control over synchronization with postal mail data.

“The HubSpot Premium integration has empowered HubSpot marketers and agency partners to develop truly integrated omnichannel direct mail campaigns in a fraction of the time and cost of legacy technologies. The adoption in the market has blown away our expectations as savvy marketers are learning how powerful it is,” says Postalytics CEO Dennis Kelly.

Deep HubSpot Integration Drives Powerful New Direct Mail Usage

With the HubSpot Premium Integration, marketers can seamlessly access a broader array of HubSpot data sources to drive their direct mail and omnichannel campaigns. Now, campaigns can use data stored in the HubSpot Contact, Company, or Custom Objects to trigger postal mail and supply Postalytics with variable data more efficiently for postal mail segmentation and personalization.

With seamless access to HubSpot data, Postalytics can now trigger customized direct mail based on events such as shopping cart abandonment, website visits, approaching subscription-renewal dates, and more. Furthermore, the triggers can account for buying history, previous responses to offers, or any other customer engagement that will aid in personalizing future marketing communications.

One of the most extraordinary features of the HubSpot Premium Integration is the actionable insight it provides about each direct mail piece. Common information like status updates on mail in transit or returned mail are standard. Marketers can also capture data about when mail recipients visit personal URLs (pURLs) and take action. This valuable information is now accessible in HubSpot, enabling marketers to complement their direct mail with digital messaging to offer reinforcement, fulfillment, and follow-up. All Postalytics events can appear on HubSpot’s Contact and Company timelines, like native HubSpot events, such as emails sent and opened.

“We’re excited! The Postalytics-HubSpot integration–combined with HubSpot’s newest features–provides marketers with a powerful, flexible, and efficient HubSpot direct mail integration. My favorite benefit is that it enables HubSpot users to record which and how many direct mail delivery and response events are recorded in HubSpot,” said Jesse Cunningham,

Scaled App Partner Manager, Platform Partnerships at Hubspot.

The Postalytics HubSpot Premium Integration allows marketers to leverage direct mail like they do digital marketing by providing a seamless way to use a wide range of data. This allows for targeted and personalized direct mail campaigns that mirror the precision of digital marketing strategies and the tracking and analytics modern marketers demand.

The premium integration gives marketers control over how they want the information generated by postal mail added to the HubSpot timeline or saved in the HubSpot database. Marketers can track and analyze the performance of their direct mail efforts as they do with digital campaigns.

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Integrating with HubSpot, Postalytics allows marketers and agencies to align their direct mail campaigns with their overall inbound marketing strategy. This ensures that direct mail is not an isolated effort but part of a cohesive, multi-channel marketing approach.

“We listened to our customers, who told us they wanted more HubSpot integration features,” said Kelly. “We built the HubSpot Premium Direct Mail Integration from scratch to enable many more HubSpot direct mail uses and included the capability in all Postalytics Marketer, Pro, Agency, and Annual subscription plans.”