The Mars Agency unveils new ecommerce enhancements

The Mars Agency unveils new ecommerce enhancements

The mix of end-to-end insights with an end-to-end team can have a remarkable impact on business.

The Mars Agency launched new enhancements to its Marilyn Ecommerce Intelligence Platform – a global full-service insights suite designed to accelerate its current end-to-end Amazon capabilities. The platform provides the metrics that matter across four key components: sales and operations, media, digital shelf, and Amazon Marketing Cloud. 

Holistic dashboards and opportunity reports enable marketers to make better and more agile decisions, while AI tools empower marketers to succeed with Amazon Marketing Cloud. 

The enhancements include:

1)  Marilyn AMC Clean Room Solution: This new solution provides an intuitive, user-friendly portal for marketers to ask the critical questions that help guide strategic marketing decisions and media planning – from how shoppers interact with sponsored brand and display ads, to how campaigns perform regionally, to how ads drive in-store sales.

2)  Marilyn Digital Shelf Health: This new digital shelf technology helps clients move beyond content compliance and gain a competitive advantage. From content health to market share to sales and order value, the solution delivers insights that drive better ecommerce performance.

The team is also currently testing chatGPT on both Product Listing Creation and Digital Shelf Copy, as well as exploring generative AI tools to determine image effectiveness. They now match their end-to-end team with end-to-end insights obtained through the Marilyn Ecommerce Intelligence Platform.

According to Robert Rivenburgh, Global Chief Executive Officer of The Mars Agency, “We believe we’re the only company to combine what we refer to as art and algorithm in ecommerce, using data and insights to connect our clients’ ecommerce assets and deliver seamless shopper experiences that drive better business results.”