Three Swiss Brands Introduce the Extraordinary Jacket


Nespresso, Mammut, and HeiQ have collaborated to design the Extraordinary Jacket, a unique garment in the outdoor apparel industry.

Three of Switzerland’s innovative brands have joined forces to create a jacket that is not only extraordinary in its ability to keep the wearer warm but also Swiss. Nespresso, Mammut, and HeiQ have collaborated to design the Extraordinary Jacket, a unique garment in the outdoor apparel industry.

The Extraordinary Jacket is a testament to Swiss design and innovation. Mammut’s super-light Ajungilak insulation now incorporates HeiQ XReflex technology powered by Xefco, which contains part of the aluminum from recycled Nespresso capsules.

Being up in the mountains comes with significant temperature drops. Mammut, HeiQ and Nespresso have cocreated this high-performance insulation jacket that delivers superior heat retention while being perfectly breathable, so one can enjoy more time above the tree line.

What makes the Extraordinary Jacket genuinely extraordinary is its ability to retain 20% more heat than a conventional insulation jacket of similar thickness. The innovative HeiQ XReflex 3D aluminized scrim layer reflects the body’s heat radiation within the insulation layers, so the wearer doesn’t have to produce more energy to stay warm, resulting in effortless comfort even in harsh and demanding conditions.

The jacket is now available on and selected Mammut stores in EMEA, North America, China, and Japan. You can also find it on Nespresso’s Swiss e-commerce website.

Resource-Efficient Innovation: Could this idea be any more Swiss?

Nespresso’s Switzerland Head of Marketing and Sustainability, Irene Balascas is excited about the collaboration. “We are proud to contribute to this innovative project and bring another product highlighting the resource-efficiency of aluminum capsules once again as we already did in previous collaborations with equally renowned brands.”

“We are thrilled to be a part of this unique three-party collaboration that celebrates all-Swiss innovation,” said Nic Brandenberger, CMO of Mammut. “By using aluminum from used Nespresso capsules into Mammut outerwear, using HeiQ XReflex technology, we are providing our customers with superior temperature regulation-performance with less weight/volume.”

For Carlo Centonze, CEO of HeiQ Group, “the Extraordinary Jacket is a symbol of HeiQ’s promise to deliver “Swiss Tech Inside”. Suddenly, the aluminum from recycled capsules becomes raw material for HeiQ XReflex, to power up a new outdoor jacket made by Mammut, as proof that the same coffee can make you warm more than once. We hope you enjoy the result of this project as much as we do.”