Transcom and SiloGen Launch Specialized CX LLM


This innovative model, leveraging SiloGen’s technology, enables tailored AI solutions, including augmented agent tools, conversational AI, and analytics.

Transcom, a provider of digital customer experience (CX) solutions, and Silo AI, a private artificial intelligence lab, have partnered to build a specialized large language model (LLM) for CX.

Leveraging technology from Silo AI’s product arm, SiloGen, the specialized LLM will empower the development of tailored AI solutions, including augmented agent assistance tools, tailored conversational AI, voice, and chatbots, as well as conversational analytics for service and product insights.

“At Transcom, we believe AI will revolutionize our industry. With this partnership, we’re on the barricades, able to provide a superhuman customer experience. We’ve been offering AI solutions for a long time. Still, with SiloGen’s game-changing specialized LLM, we’ll make life easier for our agents, clients, and customers,” Jonas Dahlberg, President and CEO of Transcom, said in a statement.

“We’re honored to be a trusted partner for Transcom in their endeavor to provide best-in-class customer experience for their clients. Our values in building human-centric technologies align perfectly and provide a foundation for a successful collaboration. Customer experience is such an important differentiator for companies, and we see tremendous potential for leveraging language models to help, for instance, customer service agents find the correct information promptly to satisfy their customers. I believe the customer service LLM that we are building together will lead the way for many companies to follow,” said Peter Sarlin, CEO and Co-founder of Silo AI, in a statement.