Virgo PR Partners with FLIP

This strategic partnership will enable businesses to quickly secure coverage without the need for a broker and offers affordable pricing options. 

Virgo Public Relations, an integrated communications firm specializing in rapid-growth industries, announced that it has been engaged by Food Liability Insurance Provider (FLIP) as its public relations partner. Virgo looks to elevate both the provider and the category as a whole through strategic communications and media exposure.

Virgo’s professional service practice focuses on companies innovating in their categories with forward-thinking approaches, such as technology implementation and best-in-class service – qualities exemplified by FLIP. FLIP offers small to mid-size food operators, including caterers and food-trucks, access to a full-suite of insurance products available through an online portal with flexible terms and a dedicated team of support specialists. FLIP continues to elevate itself as one of the leading providers of this niche product set, which is essential for thousands of food operators aiming to build their companies. Virgo will implement its proven communications strategies to bring FLIP’s success to national audiences through media exposure and digital content.

Kyle Porter, EVP and Managing Director of Virgo, said,  “While the insurance sector has been around for over a century, FLIP, since 2014, has been on the cutting edge of product innovation through its direct-to-consumer approach at servicing this niche market. We seek to work with clients whose stories merit national attention due to their innovation and proven success in their fields, and FLIP fits this perfectly. Led by a team of industry experts, FLIP has ‘flipped’ the script on how businesses secure and maintain their insurance coverage, and we look forward to helping expand on this success through strategic communications.” 

The FLIP program focuses on insurance products designed for small to mid-sized operators working in the food category, including chefs, caterers, event food vendors, food trucks and carts, pet food manufacturers, and many others. Their online portal allows businesses to quickly secure coverage without the need for a broker and offers affordable pricing options to those businesses looking to grow without worrying about their insurance liability.