6senseLaunches 6sense Campaigns for LinkedIn


The omnichannel solution streamlines programmatic video and social campaigns, offering dynamic audience targeting, unlimited signals, and insights into ROI and optimization across channels.

6sense has launched 6sense Campaigns for LinkedIn, a campaign management integration with LinkedIn that allows 6sense customers to launch hyper-targeted LinkedIn account-based marketing (ABM) campaigns directly within the 6sense Revenue AI platform.

This omnichannel solution simplifies the management of highly targeted programmatic video and social campaigns for digital advertisers, all within a single platform. They can also leverage 6sense’s dynamic audiences on LinkedIn and unlimited signals, such as buying stage, keyword, intent, and comprehensive account behavior, to create highly targeted single-image or video campaigns using CPM or CPC Bidding Strategies. It also provides insights into ROI and optimization across channels.

6sense Campaigns for LinkedIn allows users to do the following:

  • Connect with key decision-makers on the leading B2B social network with 6sense dynamic segments.
  • Maximize LinkedIn spending on critical accounts with 6sense data.
  • Only target relevant audiences with the 6signal graph to match anonymous web traffic and third-party intent signals to specific B2B accounts.
  • Combine 6sense account insights with LinkedIn audience data to target the right personas at the right companies.
  • Ensure that ads are served to right-fit buyers at the most opportune time in the buying journey with predictive data.
  • Employ 6sense to analyze campaign performance with account-level metrics and influence pipeline reporting.

“Deepening our long relationship with LinkedIn with innovative solutions that help 6sense customers more efficiently and effectively target buyers reflects our commitment to expanding customer value through our robust partner ecosystem,” said Danny Khatib, 6sense’s Senior Vice President of Product Management for Advertising, in a statement. “By uniting buyer and account insights with LinkedIn’s expansive reach, we can enable our customers to build successful advertising campaigns with unparalleled precision and efficiency, all within the 6sense Revenue AI platform.”