Allant Group Adds Speedeon Data to Marketplace

Allant Group Adds Speedeon Data to Marketplace

Allant Group bolsters its data marketplace with Speedeon’s life event data, giving marketers richer insights for audience targeting and personalized campaigns. This integration allows businesses to leverage purchase triggers like new movers and new parents to create highly effective marketing strategies.

Allant Group LLC, a Customer Data Orchestration company, announces the addition of Speedeon life event data to its Audience Attribute Marketplace. This will allow Allant clients to improve their first-party data enrichment strategies further.

Speedeon data gives Allant Audience Attribute Marketplace users access to best-in-class life event data, including pre-mover, new mover, prenatal, new baby, newly engaged, newly married, and newly single signals for more than 50 million individuals annually.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Allant Group and integrate Speedeon’s robust life event data offerings into the Allant Audience Attribute Marketplace, enhancing the depth and precision of audience targeting for our clients,” says Lindsey Kaiser, Speedeon’s Chief Product Officer. This partnership marks a significant milestone in our commitment to empowering businesses with the most accurate and actionable audience insights.”

Allant’s Audience Attribute Marketplace is the market’s largest composed data set comprised of 2B+ audience members and 4400+ attributes, all easily accessible in one frictionless environment. As a subscription-based service, users only pay for what they need, further highlighting Allant’s dedication to providing privacy-compliant cookieless solutions at an incredible scale. This allows organizations to build more sophisticated buyer personas, improve personalization accuracy, and inform more compelling messaging, which drives more effective campaign strategies, all leading to better customer experiences.

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Jay Blaker, Allant VP, Data Strategy & Partnerships, added, “I am very excited to have Speedeon’s life event data within our Audience Marketplace. Speeding has always had a great reputation in our space, and for a good reason. Their data quality is strong, and they are in lockstep with Allant’s approach to enriching insights and value to our customers’ data.”