Altrata launches Radar


Radar helps companies find more value in their employee’s relationships by harnessing the power of company-wide intelligence to automate and elevate business and relationship development.

Altrata announced the launch of the new Radar by RelSci, a contact intelligence solution designed to supercharge your organization’s growth. Radar works alongside RelSci, Altrata’s existing relationship capital platform, to further connect your relationships with influential business leaders, executive decision makers and wealthy individuals.

Radar provides companies with deeper insight into the opportunities their employee relationships can deliver by identifying the clients and prospects employees interact with most. Working securely in the background, Radar delivers actionable insight to nurture important connections by automatically synching the data within your CRM and other proprietary data management solutions.

Radar works securely with your Microsoft Exchange to take the hands-on work out of administrative network mapping. Radar automates relationship intelligence based on an employee’s emails, calendars and contacts to enable informed decisions and better business development.

“One of Radar’s standout features is its ability to automatically sync new relationships and predict estimated relationship strengths for your contacts,” says Keya Hammond, Chief Innovation Officer at Altrata. “These relationship insights provide an enriched perspective on your network and integrate seamlessly into existing workflows.”

Radar has helped customers find more value in their network by:

  • Strengthening business development, automatically uncovering direct and indirect connections your organization has to key Executives and companies
  • Automatically finding clear connection paths to the people who can introduce you to top wealthy donors and customers
  • Delivering smart meeting prep with automated intelligence about your contacts, including upcoming conferences, interactions with other people connected to you, and up-to-date press mentions

“Radar’s ability to automate the strength of employee contacts will take our customers’ businesses to a new level,” says Jeremy Neuman, Senior Director of Product Management at Altrata. “Offering all appropriate security features to ensure you remain in full control of your information and data, Radar provides users with business intelligence daily, and can access CRM updates to reduce friction and help teams achieve more with less.”

Radar also offers extensive customization options, including blacklists of specific data you set and scoring algorithm adjustments, enabling administrators to tailor the tool to their specific needs without requiring technical expertise.

Radar empowers customers to work faster than their competitors by operating seamlessly in the background; continuously scanning Exchange metadata such as To/CC fields, calendar invites and contacts. This automation saves time and enables teams to act with confidence with their relationship intelligence backed by big data.