Argano Acquires Profit Velocity

Argano Acquires Profit Velocity

The company expands its portfolio with the acquisition of Profit Velocity’s platform for profit acceleration and maximization.

Argano, a global digital consultancy exclusively connecting the design and delivery for the transformation of high-performance business operations, continues to expand its portfolio with the acquisition of Profit Velocity’s platform for profit acceleration and maximization.

Profit Velocity invested heavily in developing a world-class solution with services related to time-based profit analytics that help complex organizations make more profitable business decisions, while optimizing pricing and investments based on their operational data. Ingesting readily available data within an organization’s sales, financial, operations and supply-chain systems, the Profit Velocity platform analyzes and reports on significant opportunities that have historically remained hidden within operations. 

Through what-if analysis, the parameters can be adjusted to allow for greater agility in planning. The recommendations have the power to transform entire businesses across all functional areas, including:

  • Finance: Delivers actionable insights for evaluating investment opportunities and their financial viability
  • Sales and marketing: Emphasizes the profitability of various products or customer segments, guiding pricing and promotional strategies
  • Operations and supply chain: Optimizes production processes, improves cost management, and enhances efficiency

“Profit Velocity goes beyond conventional metrics and analytics, shifting how our clients continuously measure and enhance financial and operational performance,” said Jeff Mancuso, Senior Director of Consulting at Argano and former Chief Operating Officer of Profit Velocity. “The solution brings a revolutionary approach to profit maximization, particularly for companies that operate in complex production environments”

Using concepts from the Theory of Constraints, by Eliyahu M. Goldratt, the Profit Velocity solution has enabled some of the world’s largest companies across various industries to assess, inform, and monitor their operations.

“The Profit Velocity platform is a tremendous asset for Argano’s existing high-performance business operations consulting practice which will analyze, recommend, and monitor growth and profit opportunities for our clients. There is no other solution like this on the market that has created rapid, meaningful impact for some of the largest companies in the world.” said Chip Register, Chief Executive Officer of Argano. “It is this kind of actionable insights, combined with optimized technology and processes, that propel our clients to another level of high-performance operations by enabling greater agility, innovation, and growth.”