BioVigil Unveils Mobile App for Healthcare Workers

BioVigil Unveils Mobile App for Healthcare Workers

BioVigil’s mobile app keeps healthcare workers mindful of compliance and tracks performance.

BioVigil, an electronic hand hygiene technology solutions provider, is releasing a mobile app for users to see and monitor their hand hygiene compliance. This helps to keep healthcare workers mindful of their compliance and track their performance.

The BioVigil mobile app makes important information accessible to those who cannot access it through the hospital’s network. For example, environmental services workers are often contracted through outside agencies and do not have hospital network privileges.

“Every healthcare worker can use our system, so we wanted the data available to every healthcare worker too,” said Sanjay Gupta, President and CEO. “The mobile app eliminates barriers and makes useful, actionable data accessible to every user.”

On the mobile app, users can check their 7-day and 30-day compliance rates, compliance per session, number of room entries and exits per session, and number of hand hygiene opportunities per session.

The BioVigil mobile app is part of a complete electronic hand hygiene system, including a room sensor, sink sensor, badge sensor, and robust data suite. The mobile app will soon be downloaded from Google Play and the Apple Store.

The BioVigil system has helped partners improve hand hygiene behavior, reduce HAIs by up to 83%, achieve 97% hand hygiene compliance, and improve LeapFrog quality grades.

BioVigil can be used in commercial food preparation, restaurant,s and other settings. BioVigil is in talks with several other industries to discuss future applications.