BlastX Consulting launches the BlastX AI Innovation Center

BlastX Consulting launches the BlastX AI Innovation Center

BlastX Consulting announced the creation of the BlastX AI Innovation Center, an initiative where internal experts are teaming up with external partners to convert AI-enabled technologies into real-world customer experience (CX) value and impact.

Recognizing the need for rational, concrete AI use-cases, the BlastX AI Innovation Center is helping clients cut through the hype and hysteria about AI, providing self-assessment tools linked to clear, step-by-step roadmaps for operationalizing AI.

“New innovations like AI alter the way brands work to enhance and improve customer experiences,” said Brian McIntosh, BlastX’s Chief Consulting Officer, “but those efforts still have to align with the brand’s goals and identity. The BlastX AI Innovation Center is such a powerful venture because it pairs technologists’ rapidly evolving understanding of AI’s capabilities with our consultants’ familiarity with digital CX challenges gained over decades. In other words, we know what AI can do, and we know where it’s needed most.”

According to McIntosh, the Center will lay out “best practices for seamlessly and responsibly wedding human experience with artificial intelligence and machine learning to design, develop, engage, and optimize customer experiences at scale.” While the ultimate goal of the Center is to issue best practices that apply across industries, the insights used to determine those best practices come directly from client experiences. 

For example, AI was recently used to augment outreach for the Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation (RBFF), a national organization that was struggling to connect its website visitors to the information and licensing forms they needed. RBFF partnered with BlastX Consulting to create a targeted AI program to address these digital disjunctions. The program they implemented ultimately increased website traffic, brand recognition, and recreational license conversions. RBFF Senior Manager of Digital Operations Charles Neville said, “The collaboration with BlastX Consulting helped us harness AI to attract new visitors and get them the information they needed while maintaining the highest quality standards for our content. That’s how AI should be used: as a way to target and amplify our essential messaging and services.”

The Innovation Center’s core team of internal thought leaders and external partners are also reaching out to trusted customers to inform and ground their work. Early results of these diverse collaborations include three AI-for-CX solutions brands can implement today. These solutions include:

  • AI Readiness Assessment—to ensure your brand is ready to leverage the power of AI.
  • AI Insights Generation—to better predict customer lifetime value potential, churn probability, and cluster mapping.
  • AI Personalization—to accelerate testing and learn efforts for faster, more targeted, highly personalized interactions across the customer journey.