Glia’s Digital Interaction Solutions available within Lumin’s Digital Banking Platform

Glia's Digital Interaction Solutions available within Lumin's Digital Banking Platform

Glia’s technologies are now integrated into Lumin’s online banking platform.

Glia, a provider of digital customer service, phone, and automated self-service on a single platform, has partnered with Lumin Digital, a provider of cloud-native digital banking solutions, to streamline digital-first member service. 

Lumin Digital offers personalized recommendations in spending insights, financial advice, fraud, alerts, and savings goals.

Pre-integration of the Glia Interaction Platform within Lumin’s digital banking offering enables a seamless digital-first customer experience across all channels, including SMS, chat, voice, and video, without breaking the digital connection. Online collaboration tools, including cobrowsing, allow financial institutions to guide customers.

“At Lumin, we believe that technology should be built for, not to replace, the human connection,” said Sean Weadock, Chief Product Officer of Lumin, in a statement. “Glia’s robust service and support tools squarely align with that philosophy, enabling credit unions to leverage digital-first technology to maximize meaningful human conversations and reach quicker resolution. This partnership will empower banks and credit unions to deliver a unified approach to member service across all channels, boosting efficiency, revenue and loyalty.”

“We live in an always-on world where interactions are expected to happen on screen, on demand and on point,” said Steve Kaish, Senior Vice President of Alliances at Glia, in a statement. “Our commitment to delivering the right interaction at the right time aligns with Lumin’s dedication to delivering exceptional member experiences, and we are excited to provide credit unions with the tools needed to optimize their member interaction strategies for today and beyond.”