Blueshift Launches Free CDP Starter For Cross-Channel Engagement

Blueshift Launches Free CDP Starter For Cross-Channel Engagement

It is a comprehensive self-serve CDP offering that can not only unify profiles, but also deliver 1:1 engagement.

Blueshift, the platform for intelligent cross-channel engagement, announced the launch of a free tier of its industry leading Customer Data Platform (CDP). 

The new free offering enables marketers to ingest customer data from multiple sources to build up to 10,000 unified profiles and to automate audience activation as well as 1:1 triggered journeys across multiple marketing, advertising and CX destinations.

According to Gartner’s definition, CDPs “support marketing and customer experience use cases” and that they “optimise the timing and targeting of messages, offers and customer engagement activities”. Unfortunately, most CDPs fall short in helping brands realize this promise, and 63% of marketers say that leveraging integrated customer data remains a challenge in their multichannel marketing efforts. Typically, CDPs have often focused on audience activation (in a batch mode), providing limited to no support for 1:1 personalization or journey orchestration across marketing & CX channels. Additionally, most CDP platforms are technically complex, with either limited or no self-serve offerings, further limiting their utility.

With Blueshift’s new free tier for CDP, marketers can finally overcome these challenges. This is the industry’s first comprehensive self-serve CDP offering that can not only unify profiles, but also deliver 1:1 engagement. Key features include:

  • Ingest Real-Time Events + DWH Relational Data: The free starter offers the ability to combine real-time event stream data with relational data from sources like Snowflake to build unified profiles.
  • Segment Your Customers Without Learning SQL: Marketers can build dynamic audiences with just a few clicks, using an intuitive visual interface. The audiences automatically refresh with new data.
  • Connect to a Wide Range of Destinations: The free starter pack comes with pre-built integrations to 80+ destinations, including advertising destinations like Facebook, TikTok and Google, as well as marketing and CX platforms like Salesforce, Zendesk, Lob and Twilio.
  • Activate Audience Sync as well as 1:1 Engagement: Marketers can schedule automated audience sync with paid media destinations or orchestrate 1:1 journeys across marketing and CX applications.

“We are thrilled to launch Blueshift’s free CDP starter, a game-changer for brands looking to jumpstart their journey towards intelligent cross-channel engagement,” stated Vijay Chittoor, Co-Founder and CEO at Blueshift. With this free offering, data savvy marketers can accomplish sophisticated use cases within 15 minutes:

  • Dynamic Audience Activation: Users can dynamically ingest data from tables and views in Snowflake, and set up a recurring schedule to sync these audiences to destinations like Facebook, Google, and Tiktok.
  • Triggered 1:1 Journeys: Users can easily set up triggered multi-step journeys based on events or dynamic segments. For example, in orchestrating an experience around a travel booking, you could trigger a journey that includes a welcome email at the time of booking, an SMS reminder for checking-in, and a triggered action from the NPS system to send a survey after the experience.