Braze Unveils AI Features for Marketing

Braze Unveils AI Features for Marketing

Expanded Sage AI by Braze Offering, Including ‘AI Item Recommendations,’ Increases Personalization and Decreases Time to Purchase.

Braze, the leading customer engagement platform that empowers brands to Be Absolutely Engaging, announced several new AI features designed to inspire marketers’ creativity and increase efficiency in delivering more personalized, tailored experiences, all powered through Sage AI by Braze.

With a wealth of knowledge at our fingertips and the advent of AI-powered tools, marketers can inspire creativity with speed and precision. The latest AI features from Braze reflect this paradigm shift, with recent research indicating that 79% of marketers recognize AI’s potential to ignite innovation. As we leverage AI to simplify tasks and bridge the gap between aspiration and reality, customer engagement is being reshaped profoundly.

From streamlining processes to inspiring innovation, Sage AI by Braze empowers marketers to optimize customer journeys and craft unforgettable cross-channel experiences that resonate deeply with audiences and accelerate the customer’s next best action. In addition to driving conversions and boosting brand equity, Braze helps brands forge authentic connections, build trust, and drive reciprocal value with each interaction. In this landscape, Sage AI by Braze is a trusted partner for marketers, offering tailored recommendations, sophisticated personalization, effective content generation, and the ability to drive high-value actions at scale.

“The AI Item Recommendations feature has been instrumental in driving a remarkable 3X increase in our purchase rates,” said Pam Shih, Team Lead CRM at KoRo Handels GmbH. “By intelligently suggesting tailored products from the Braze catalog during onboarding sessions, it not only reveals invaluable insights into new user behaviors but also empowers us to deliver highly personalized recommendations from our extensive catalog of over 1,000 products.”

New features added to Sage AI by Braze include:

  • Enhance Relevant Experiences and Increase Purchase Rates with Personalized Recommendations: Expanded AI Item Recommendation capabilities allow brands to create additional recommendation models with more frequent item updates. This helps deliver personalized item suggestions such as products, services, experiences, and offers tailored to each individual’s preferences. By leveraging AI to match customers with the items most likely to resonate with them, brands can create meaningful experiences, build stronger connections, boost brand equity, and drive greater conversions and revenue growth. AI Item Recommendations seamlessly integrate into campaigns on any Braze channel and eliminate the need for complex setups, technical resources, or additional integrations.
  • Personalize Every Touchpoint and Maximize Revenue with Personalized Paths: Personalized Paths, a new feature marketers can use in Braze Canvas, to scale sophisticated personalization by seamlessly matching each customer with the most relevant message, copy, creative, channel, and offer. Personalized Paths feature experiments, automates, and shares the message variant each individual is more likely to prefer at any step in the journey, driving deeper engagement and creating more personalized and creative experiences for each customer.
  • Strengthen Brand Equity and Improve Time to Value with Tone Control: Tone Control generative functionality, powered by OpenAI GPT-4 Turbo, allows marketers to dictate AI-generated copy tones directly within the AI Copywriting Assistant. This feature inspires content creation, fosters creativity, and ensures authentic customer experiences that can be generated quickly and inserted on any channel. Combined with testing and optimization, brands can compare tones, and swiftly share resonant messages.
  • Addressing Email Metric Reliability with Estimated Real Open Rate: Estimated Real Open Rate addresses Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection (MPP) challenges, offering marketers reliable insights. Braze introduces a new metric in its Email Campaign Performance analytics, utilizing advanced analytical modeling for accurate email open rates, guiding effective insights and fostering creative experiences.

“The magic of Braze lies in our ability to fuel marketers’ efficiency and creativity in order to power relevant and memorable experiences that drive business outcomes. AI simply supercharges this ability. Already we are seeing marketers generate uniquely personalized moments with a speed and ease that wouldn’t be possible without modern AI capabilities,” said Kevin Wang, Chief Product Officer of Braze. “These latest Sage AI by Braze™ features focus not just on users saving time in their day-to-day, but on capabilities such as Item Recommendations and Personalized Paths that allow brands to harness the real-time data flow in Braze to drive even more meaningful outcomes. These are big steps towards helping marketers realize the full potential of AI.”

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