Bullhorn Acquires Mployee

Bullhorn Acquires Mployee

The integration of Mployee’s technology will help Bullhorn deliver an end-to-end enterprise solution for customers on the Salesforce platform.

Bullhorn, a software provider for the staffing and recruitment industry, announced its acquisition of Mployee, a provider of Salesforce-based solutions for recruitment agencies, which is headquartered in the Netherlands. Mployee’s technology will accelerate Bullhorn’s vision to deliver a full, end-to-end, enterprise solution for Bullhorn customers using the Salesforce platform.

Matt Fischer, President and Chief Operating Officer at Bullhorn, said, “We’ve seen tremendous growth in customers using Bullhorn for Salesforce globally in recent years, and this acquisition will help us better support those agencies throughout the world in delivering more efficient middle-office operations. We’re excited at the potential of combining Mployee’s offerings with Bullhorn for Salesforce to deliver a full, end-to-end solution.”

Mployee CEO Karen Weebers, said, “We’re very excited to join Bullhorn to further our efforts to drive the digital revolution of the staffing industry. Bullhorn has the resources to invest in Mployee’s product roadmap and bring our solutions to even more recruitment agencies.”

Bullhorn products on the Salesforce platform are currently used across 40 countries, including by four of the five largest global recruitment agencies. By combining Mployee’s middle-office capabilities with Bullhorn’s front-office, Bullhorn can offer a true enterprise-grade, end-to-end solution built on the Salesforce platform. This solution will help solve a myriad of front- and middle-office challenges inhibiting agencies’ growth and differentiation.