Clinch’s Flight Control Extends Personalization Across Audio Channels

Clinch's Flight Control Extends Personalization Across Audio Channels

This development empowers advertisers to seamlessly serve campaigns across multiple audio publishers through a single campaign setup.

Clinch, a provider of dynamic ad serving and personalization, announced the ability to extend its award-winning workflow automation and omnichannel creative personalization capabilities to audio channels. 

This development empowers advertisers to seamlessly serve campaigns across multiple audio publishers and platforms through a single campaign setup and ad tag designed to auto-render assets that match each publisher’s requirements.

Capturing the Digital Audio Landscape

With Insider Intelligence reporting that digital audio is set to claim 2 hours and 20 minutes per day from US listeners – surpassing time spent on platforms like Netflix, Hulu, or YouTube video – advertisers leveraging Clinch’s Flight Control can now connect with audiences across streaming services, podcasts, and smart speakers with the utmost efficiency. The platform offers diverse creative conditioning options, including weather, dayparting, location, sports/events, and audience segmentation, ensuring the delivery of highly relevant audio content to consumers wherever and whenever they tune in.

Oz Etzioni, CEO of Clinch, emphasized the significance of incorporating audio activation into Flight Control, stating, “Creative is a massive contributor to campaign performance, and as trends start to shift to audio-based consumption, advertisers need to modify their approach to effectively speak to their audience across these channels. Integrating audio capabilities into Flight Control simplifies the process for advertisers to achieve their goals across all channels, enhancing campaign performance and reach.”

Certified Partnerships and Creative Flexibility

Clinch’s audio tags are certified for serving direct and programmatic campaigns, with media partners and platforms including iHeartMedia, The Trade Desk, DV360, Yahoo, Xandr, Adswizz, nglmitú, Videoamp, and more. The platform offers users two flexible options: bringing their audio assets or utilizing Generative AI voice production for diverse audio variations aligned with their creative strategy. An integrated audio player and intelligent preview functionality within the platform allow users to preview audio campaign features seamlessly.

Success Story: Leveraging Audio Channels to Extend Targeted Reach

The recent campaign success of a leading automotive tires and accessories retailer, managed by the agency Tombras using Flight Control, underscores the platform’s enhanced audio capabilities. The campaign achieved a remarkable 93% listen-through rate, reaching over eight million engaged listeners across English and Spanish-speaking audiences, accumulating 15 million impressions.

Tombras utilized Flight Control’s capabilities to deploy 25 creative variations in English and Spanish across 330+ regionalized campaigns supporting more than 35+ designated market areas (DMA) in North America. The campaign’s adaptability and reach were on full display, seamlessly integrating audio ads into the overall marketing mix and ensuring optimal performance across desktop, mobile (Android/iOS), and CTV platforms.

“This successful campaign is an example of why we chose Clinch as our primary ad serving and dynamic creative optimization (DCO) partner last year,” said Caitlin Walsh, Director, Digital Investments, Tombras. “With Clinch, we’re consistently able to provide a competitive advantage for our clients thanks to Flight Control’s operational efficiency and cross-channel performance.”