Coca-Cola Uses AI to Envision the Year 3000 on the Las Vegas Sphere


The transformation of the attention-grabbing venue builds on the launch of Coca-Cola Y3000 Zero Sugar, a beverage co-created with AI.

Coca-Cola is sticking with AI as it promotes Y3000, a beverage launched in September that is the first flavor co-created with human and artificial intelligence. Coke Y3000 is the eighth iteration of a Coke Creations platform that has sought to interest younger consumers with drinks inspired by moods and experiences.

“For almost two years, Coca-Cola Creations has consistently embraced a digital-first approach, using the power of technology and innovation to connect with our fans worldwide. When we launched Coca-Cola Y3000 Zero Sugar, we made it possible to explore the future through the lens of AI technology, and now we are bringing futuristic experiences to life in the physical world for fans to enjoy,” said Oana Vlad, senior director for global strategy at the Coca‑Cola Company, in a statement.

Coke Y3000 is intended to not only taste like a Coca-Cola from the future but also serve as a platform for the brand to unveil future-facing experiences, like the residency at the Sphere in Las Vegas. The music and entertainment venue — which has featured concerts by U2 and a screening of a film by Darren Aronofsky — has been a pop culture phenomenon this year for its attention-grabbing size and scope, despite financial troubles and the resignation of its CFO.

Coke’s takeover of the Sphere will feature a “tapestry of nature and innovation” that celebrates the power of technology. Coke uses the Y3000 AI Cam to incorporate user-generated photos to double down on AI. Plus, it will feature images of a future-inspired capsule collection made in collaboration with fashion brand Ambush. Virtue and WPP Open X/Ogilvy developed the campaign.

Beyond the imagery of the Coke-themed Sphere that is likely to spread on social media, the brand is hosting an experiential activation that features a holographic appearance from pop act the Jonas Brothers and a brief performance from Marshmello, who teamed with the brand for a Coke Creations beverage last year. In addition, attendees can taste test Y3000, use the Y3000 AI Cam and try on clothes from the capsule collection through interactive mirrors.

As generative AI has remained top-of-mind in technology, marketing and beyond, Coca-Cola has been one of the first brands to utilize it in its products and marketing. Coke in March launched “Create Real Magic,” a platform that combines OpenAI’s GPT-4 and DALL-E technologies to encourage consumers to create branded AI art. It has since used generative AI to create music and QR codes and has said it will extend “Create Real Magic” as part of its recently launched holiday campaign.