Copresence secures over $6 Million in Seed Funding to grow its 3D Avatar Creation Platform

Copresence secures over $6 Million in Seed Funding to grow its 3D Avatar Creation Platform

The funding will accelerate the development of copresence’s groundbreaking digital avatar creation platform, enhancing digital communication across gaming, XR experiences and video conferencing.

Copresence, a provider of digital avatar generation software, has announced it has successfully secured more than USD $6 million in seed funding. This investment will fast-track the company’s ambitious growth plans and further the development of its innovative technology that facilitates the creation of photorealistic 3D avatars using just a smartphone.

The seed funding will be channeled towards expanding the copresence team, enhancing the platform’s capabilities, and strengthening business engagements across the globe. The focus will be to refine the copresence platform and app to ensure seamless avatar creation and integration across various digital platforms, fulfilling the growing demand for personalized digital interactions.

“This latest funding is a testament to the potential of the Copresence platform and underscores the innovative capabilities of our technology,” said Radek Mackowiak, CEO of Copresence. “With the backing of our incredible investors, we’re poised to expand our talented team and refine our leading 3D avatar creation platform. This investment will significantly accelerate our roadmap, further fueling our mission to bridge the physical and digital worlds through photorealistic avatars.”

With full compatibility across leading 3D engines such as Unity and Unreal Engine, the copresence platform empowers users and developers to effortlessly produce high-quality, 3D avatars in minutes. These avatars can then be utilized across gaming, virtual, augmented, and mixed reality (VR/AR/MR – collectively XR), and video conferencing to provide more authentic character representations and personalized experiences.