Afterpay partners with Nift Networks

Afterpay partners with Nift Networks

Afterpay customers benefit from a curated selection of gifts from 12,000+ brands like SiriusXM, HelloFresh, Scentbird, Medterra, BJs, Allbirds, and restaurants and more.

Afterpay, a “Buy Now, Pay Later” payments provider, announced the launch of its exclusive rewards program in partnership with Nift Networks. This collaboration aims to revolutionize the shopping experience for Afterpay customers by providing them with unparalleled opportunities to discover and try thousands of new products and services through the innovative Nift gift network.

“We are always looking for ways to improve our consumer shopping experience, and our partnership with Nift does just that,” said Marni Schapiro, GM Global Advertising at Afterpay. “Our partnership empowers our customers to explore and experience thousands of new products and services with convenience while staying in control of their finances.”

AI Collaboration proves “Gifts Beat Ads”

Through the enhanced rewards program and Nift’s proprietary AI, Afterpay customers are matched with a curated selection of gifts provided by the 12,000 brands advertising on the Nift Network. These exclusive high-value gifts are designed to help customers try new products and services, creating a unique opportunity for discovery and trial. With Afterpay’s flexible payment solutions, customers can easily unlock a world of possibilities while managing their finances responsibly.

Nift Networks is renowned for its exclusive gift network, which enables people to discover and try a wide range of products and services—from music, jewelry, and wine delivery, to neighborhood restaurants and bars. Nift’s 37M+ audience comes from partnerships with leading companies like Afterpay, iHeartRadio, Meetup, Mindbody, and ParkMobile, who use Nift to thank customers at key lifecycle moments. Nift’s patented machine learning matches customers with gifts from local businesses and national brands such as HelloFresh, Allbirds, and Rocksbox. This curated selection of gifts is designed to facilitate trial and exploration, driving net new customer acquisition for participating advertisers.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Afterpay and empower their customers to discover and trial thousands of new products and services through our exclusive gift network,” said Elery Pfeffer, Founder and CEO at Nift Networks. “With Nift, our partner’s best customers can experience a diverse range of local and national businesses while providing valuable net-new customer acquisition for our participating brands. Together, we are revolutionizing how customers discover and try new products and services.”

The partnership between Afterpay and Nift Networks offers an unparalleled rewards program that enhances the shopping experience for customers, while driving revenue for both brands. Since partnering, Afterpay has seen strong engagement from consumers with the product. By combining Afterpay’s commitment to access and flexibility with Nift Networks’ expansive gift selection, this collaboration empowers customers to embark on a journey of discovery, trial, and enjoyment.