Dexory to Redefine North American Market

Dexory to Redefine North American Market

Dexory is set to disrupt the market through its autonomous robotics and AI-powered analysis solution, DexoryView.

Dexory, a cutting-edge AI and robotics solutions provider, has announced its strategic expansion into the North American market. Dexory is set to disrupt the market through its autonomous robotics and AI-powered analysis solution, DexoryView. The company already works with global partners with a significant US presence, such as DB Schenker, Menzies Aviation, Maersk and ID Logistics. To lead the expansion, Todd Boone has joined the team as its Head of North American business.

The rapidly evolving landscape of logistics and warehousing is the driving force behind the expansion. End customers demand quicker turnaround times while warehouses address the urgent need for improved space utilization and increased efficiencies while wrestling with ongoing labor scarcity. Dexory combines powerful analytics with autonomous robots capable of capturing rich image and sensor data across a warehouse. This powerful combination provides comprehensive visibility across warehouses of any size and connects warehouses across the global supply chain through Dexory’s digital platform, DexoryView.

One customer that has recently deployed Dexory’s solutions in its warehouses is the international contract logistics group ID Logistics. The collaboration aims to increase warehouse operation accuracy and enhance overall efficiency to improve the service provided to their customers.

Benoit Boiron, Group Innovation Manager at ID Logistics, said, “This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the evolution of inventory management and warehouse data acquisition. The precision and real-time monitoring capabilities have transformed our day-to-day operations, bringing accuracy to new heights.”

Andrei Danescu, CEO and Co-Founder of Dexory, said, “Following successful customer deployments in Europe, we have seen an increased demand from the North American market. We are excited to be expanding our offering and see that there is tremendous opportunity in the region. Organizations across the globe are getting to grips with the challenging demands of modern supply chains, and DexoryView allows businesses to gain rapid insights into their operations and make informed decisions that drive better efficiencies across their businesses.”

Dexory’s groundbreaking technology allows businesses to understand, in real time, what happens in their warehousing operations, which is imperative to closing the Visibility Gap that occurs when there is a misalignment between expectations and reality. The ever-increasing pace within warehouses is causing the visibility gap to grow. So, worldwide, companies are embracing Dexory’s solution to unlock real-time visibility and insights that minimize the visibility gap while maximizing warehouse performance and reducing costs.

Dexory has appointed Todd Boone to lead its North American business as part of the expansion. Boone joined Dexory from Zebra Technologies, where he served as director of product management in robotics and automation. He held several leadership roles with Zebra Technologies and worked closely with Fetch, an established AMR provider in North America. Along with his experience in large organizations such as Motorola Solutions and Psion Teklogix, Boone has also acted as an independent advisor for technology companies, providing advice on go-to-market strategies.

“Having an industry veteran such as Todd Boone lead our expansion in the North American region is paramount to our success,” adds Danescu. “Boone has in-depth knowledge of the landscape and our customers’ challenges. In addition to this, he is a proven leader. He has a track record of delivering value to customers as well as devising strategies that are disruptive and value-driven for our industry. We are pleased to have him on board to spearhead our regional growth.”

“Many businesses across the globe are struggling with a visibility gap, where they do not have the necessary insight into their warehouse and supply chain operations,” comments Todd Boone, Head of North America at Dexory. “The opportunity to lead Dexory’s expansion into the North American market comes at an exciting time for the industry. The technology is truly innovative and disruptive. The combination of robots and DexoryView has already delivered significant benefits to customers in Europe. North American businesses can expect a transformative effect on the everyday efficiency, productivity and accuracy of their warehouses.”