DispatchTrack Launches Customer Notification Enhancements

DispatchTrack Launches Customer Notification Enhancements

The new capabilities will enable DispatchTrack users to have a unified communication framework for staying connected with their customers.

DispatchTrack, a global last-mile delivery solutions provider, introduced a series of new customer communication enhancements to its marquee delivery management platform. With these new capabilities, DispatchTrack users now have a unified and comprehensive communication framework to stay connected with their customers in near-real time from the first order update to the post-delivery customer satisfaction survey.

Satish Natarajan, DispatchTrack co-founder and CEO, said, “At DispatchTrack, we’re always innovating to ensure that our platform is updated with new enhancements that our customers need. Currently, the delivery experience has never been more critical to brand loyalty and that doesn’t just include delivering on time. A critical component to customer satisfaction is transparency and real-time two-way communication that reflects the brand throughout the last mile, especially in the event of an interruption.”

“Customers who receive high touch service with real-time updates, when it matters, will naturally be happier than those left partially in the dark, but it can be difficult and costly for distributors to provide personalized service at the moment it’s needed and at scale. DispatchTrack allows distributors to very quickly and efficiently identify delays so they can proactively reach out to impacted customers, keep them updated, and answer questions throughout the process so everyone is on the same page without added drain on resources. It’s that level of service that’s required to retain customers and preserve brand loyalty and we’re excited to help companies achieve it,” Satish added. 

End customers can be notified to schedule their deliveries, informed if there is a delay due to external factors, and provided options to reschedule a missed delivery as needed throughout the entire delivery lifecycle. Should there be a delay, users can establish a real-time dialogue to stay connected to customers, address their concerns, and help ensure their delivery needs are still met.