SOCi Revolutionizes with Genius Search, Replacing 1,000 Local Marketers

SOCi Revolutionizes with Genius Search, Replacing 1,000 Local Marketers

SOCi revolutionizes local SEO with Genius Search, an AI-powered tool that automates data analysis and optimizes online presence for multi-location businesses.

SOCi, Inc., the CoMarketing Cloud for multi-location enterprises, unveiled Genius Search, a groundbreaking application designed to transform local search optimization. Genius Search transcends traditional listings management tools by integrating top AI models to automate data analytics and local search optimization at every location.

In an era of generative AI and evolving search behaviors, the antiquated listing management process of ensuring accurate location data across numerous low-impact directories no longer serves today’s modern business needs. Going beyond traditional data updates, Genius Search analyzes top local-search ranking factors and aggregated insights from real-time local consumer activity—including search behavior, business reviews, and social media engagement—and dynamically optimizes each location’s online presence, enhancing visibility across the most important local search platforms, including new generative search results. This always-on process allows Genius Search to deliver and execute hundreds of thousands of location-based recommendations with a single click.

“With consumer search behaviors evolving just as rapidly as the algorithms that rank your business, the reactive days of ranking by simply pushing consistent data to many obsolete networks are gone,” said Afif Khoury, CEO of SOCi. “By partnering with top A.I. models to automatically analyze data at every location and deliver impactful changes to every location’s highest trafficked pages, Genius Search is effectively doing the work of 1,000 marketers while saving brands hundreds of hours and delivering maximum visibility and ROI. It’s the equivalent of having a data scientist and trained marketer at every location doing the work for you.”

Key Features and Benefits

  • World-Class Listings Management: With the most advanced data health capabilities, businesses can ensure their locations appear accurately on impactful local search networks.
  • PLUS Real-Time Local Data Analysis: Like having a data scientist at every location, Genius Search constantly aggregates and automates the analysis of real-time local data and insights at every location to report on consumer activity and traffic trends.
  • PLUS Proactive Optimization Recommendations: Based on its location data analysis, Genius Search delivers actionable insights and ongoing optimization recommendations tailored to each location to optimize its results.
  • PLUS One-Click Task Automation: Genius Search gives brands the tools to automate the execution of hundreds or thousands of high-impact, locally-tailored optimizations with a click of a button, doing the work of 1,000 marketers.

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“Genius Search makes it easy to localize listings—the description and explanation of what to add makes it simple for local managers to update their listings. We have never had this sort of visibility into search optimization,” said Kristin Ratliff, Branding Specialist for Kumon North America.