EDITED announces EDITED Cartridge for B2C Commerce


EDITED’s customers can now access retail insights on their ecommerce platforms at the click of a button.

EDITED announced it has launched EDITED Cartridge for B2C Commerce on Salesforce AppExchange, a leading enterprise marketplace for partner apps and experts, empowering customers to drive conversion on high-traffic web pages and overlay key performance metrics directly onto their website or vendor console.

With EDITED Cartridge for B2C Commerce, customers can have over 300 advanced retail KPIs displayed on their ecommerce site and catalog views, measuring metrics like profit, demand, inventory, promotions, and more. Retailers will easily be able to identify relative metric performance and which products need resorting, price changes, or stock changes to optimize performance and grow profitability.

This unique offering from EDITED offers a rapid and frictionless performance insight tool for e-commerce and merchandising teams, connecting data across web analytics, orders, inventory and returns. As a Google Chrome Extension, EDITED also integrates to the SFCC UI, providing retailers with access to product performance metrics and actionable insights. Highly visual cues virtually inform a merchandiser about item performance, boosting best sellers or eliminating poor decisions based on different business objectives.

Doug Kofoid, EDITED CEO said, “We identified that retailers needed an analytics solution that could be easily understood, quickly adopted and directly integrated between its online storefront and its ecommerce platform. EDITED does just that, helping quick decision making based on product and category performance, and it’s exciting to collaborate with Salesforce to bring this to more retailers.”