FreeWheel Debuts the Beeswax Inventory Desk

FreeWheel Debuts The Beeswax Inventory Desk

The Beeswax Inventory Desk, an inventory curation service, is designed better to match buyer demand with premium video ad inventory supply.

FreeWheel, a global technology platform for the television advertising industry, announced the launch of its Beeswax Inventory Desk. This new offering provides buyers, such as agencies and advertisers, using FreeWheel’s Beeswax technology with a simpler and more efficient way to access premium video ad inventory from the company’s publisher clients and other supply partners. The premium video ad inventory types available are span-connected television and programmatic video streaming.

“We know that friction, complexity, and fragmentation are key challenges that buyers and sellers across the TV advertising ecosystem face today,” said Matt Clark, VP of Strategic Partnerships at FreeWheel. “And so, one of the ah-ha moments behind this service was, ‘How can we make the TV ad buying process simpler, better, and with fewer headaches for all so that advertisers’ dollars can work harder and viewers can enjoy a more improved ad experience?’ We hope this new offering will help create a win-win across the TV ad ecosystem.”

“In an era of fragmentation and complexity, FreeWheel’s Beeswax Inventory Desk helps bring some much-needed simplicity as well as direct connections across the TV ad ecosystem,” said David Pudjunis, VP of Digital Revenue Operations & Partnerships, AMC Networks. “Specifically, this exciting offering attracts a new set of advertisers to our content by allowing us to create custom packages that fit the needs of their clients’ campaigns – driving better business results across the board.”

The Beeswax Inventory Desk, an inventory curation service, is designed better to match buyer demand with premium video ad inventory supply. Today’s TV ad ecosystem needs more effective and efficient ways to directly connect the buy and sell sides. This solution addresses three current industry needs: the need to remove unnecessary sources of friction, drive a more significant return on marketing dollars for marketers, and improve the viewer experience. The new Beeswax Inventory Desk unlocks several new opportunities for both sides of the TV ad buying ecosystem. 

Another current user, Jeromy Sonne, CEO and co-founder of Decibel Ads, said the solution has made the ad-buying process simpler, easier, transparent, and efficient. “This solution has made it faster and easier for our teams to pull in new premium ad inventory for customers. It removes much of the guesswork and greatly reduces the back and forth of wondering whether we’re getting the best – and most fair – price from publishers. In some instances, we’ve helped drive eight figures of incremental revenue for our customers, all while significantly increasing the addressability, relevance, target, and reach of their ad campaigns,” he said.