Futuri Integrates SpotOn Spec Spots

Futuri Integrates SpotOn Spec Spots

Futuri announced the integration of AI-powered SpotOn Spec Spots into its TopLine Sales Intelligence system, revolutionizing broadcast advertising. 

Futuri, a provider of AI-driven broadcast solutions, announced the integration of SpotOn Spec Spots into its sales intelligence platform, TopLine. This new integration accelerates the sales cycle and makes each encounter with a prospect or client more meaningful. SpotOn is an add-on for TopLine subscribers looking to further enhance their sales capabilities.

“Picture an account executive collaborating with a prospect or client, transforming ideas into reality in real-time,” said Daniel Anstandig, CEO of Futuri. “Account executives can create custom, insight-driven advertising content on the spot, offering speed and customization that changes the nature of client interactions in our industry. This also eases the burden on production teams by providing a creative starting point for spots.”

Account executives can use SpotOn and TopLine to instantly create custom spec spots and audio. Now, with TopLine and SpotOn integrated, account executives are supported by technology through the sales process – from prospecting and getting the first appointment to developing the right message for the client’s campaign. Now, with a few clicks and a few seconds, account executives can instantly impress buyers with fully produced and high-customized spec spots for any business category.

TopLine sales research has become an indispensable sales system for broadcast media across America. From small rural stations to major markets, thousands of sales professionals rely on TopLine daily to optimize their service to advertisers by providing customized sales insights, presentations, and audio.