Google Cloud and Victoria’s Secret Join Forces

Google Cloud and Victoria's Secret Join Forces

The integration of Google Cloud’s AI and generative AI technologies will improve the online shopping experience for Victoria’s secrets customers

Google Cloud has announced a strategic partnership with Victoria’s Secret, as well as the launch of new AI products for retailers, plus new research on UK retailers showing that 81% of decision-makers feel the urgency to adopt generative AI technologies, with over half ready to deploy generative AI in the coming year. 

Chris Rupp, chief customer officer, Victoria’s Secret & Co, said, “The integration of Google Cloud’s AI and generative AI technologies will not only improve the online shopping experience for our customers, but also will empower our internal teams to drive innovation across various business functions. This partnership signifies a new era for Victoria’s Secret & Co., where cutting-edge technology meets our passion for enhancing the customer journey and reinforcing our position as a leader in retail.”

Murali Sundararajan, chief information officer at Victoria’s Secret & Co, said, “We are strategically implementing AI to help us better use data to benefit our customers and enhance internal processes. We’re excited about the potential use cases including international expansion planning to marketing development and supply chain optimization. These initiatives could not only streamline our operations but also enable us to better meet the needs of our customers and associates.”

The Victoria’s Secret link-up will see it bringing generative AI tech to the brand’s shopping experience. The lingerie retailer will be using Google Cloud’s AI capabilities to launch a generative AI-powered conversational assistant for its website and mobile app, as well as new virtual-try-on capabilities to provide shoppers with tailored product recommendations.

As for those AI-based product launches, they include a new conversational commerce solution designed to bring AI-powered virtual assistants to more online stores and mobile apps. Plus there’s Vertex AI search for retail that enables large language models (LLMs) to be custom-tuned to a retailer’s unique catalog and customer search patterns.