GrowthLoop Furthers Industry Transformation with Google Cloud

GrowthLoop Furthers Industry Transformation with Google Cloud

Could GrowthLoop’s visionary approach usher in a new paradigm for marketing?

Today, GrowthLoop, a Composable CDP, announced the release of a range of generative AI-enabled product enhancements built on Google Cloud. Now that GrowthLoop has helped solve customer data bottlenecks for marketing teams at companies like Mercari and Red Sox with a leading composable customer data platform (CDP), it has set out to solve the next frontier of generation: the generation of audiences, journeys, and creative via embedded generative AI throughout the campaign design and launch process.

This news follows three 2023 announcements from GrowthLoop leading up to this groundbreaking development:

The introduction of generative AI in an end-to-end solution for marketers signals GrowthLoop’s advancement of an entirely new category: Generative Marketing.

Generative Marketing involves GrowthLoop using Google Cloud’s advanced AI technology to create, activate, and measure performant audiences, journeys, and campaigns, all unlocked by a composable CDP foundation on BigQuery. Modern, effective marketing has always been focused on a loop: Build a campaign from insights, test, review results, iterate, and test again. Aided by generative AI, Generative Marketing opens up unique possibilities not previously provided to marketers.

Generative AI only works with enterprise marketing when it is supercharged with customer data and when governance and review capabilities–keeping the user in the loop at all times–are front and center. GrowthLoop is working with Google Cloud to deploy its generative marketing capabilities on BigQuery to connect directly with an organization’s customer data with zero-copy architecture to make this data more directly useful to the marketing organization while maintaining security, governance, and a human in the loop.

By mobilizing generative AI across marketing workflows, teams can benefit in several impactful ways: increased productivity, more targeted personalization, content generation at scale, and a shifted focus toward growth-driven experimentation.

The solution brings several new capabilities to marketers’ workflows in GrowthLoop:

  1. Audience Studio – Build audiences with the help of generative AI
    1. Marketers can engage in open brainstorming with GrowthLoop AI to insert the goals of their campaigns and generate audience targets to fulfill those goals.
    2. Marketers are always in the loop. Review and modify any audience generated and sync them to a destination in seconds.
  2. Generative Content – Generate relevant creative with persona prompts
    1. Marketers can generate draft creative for email, display ads, specific to customer profiles and personas that make up the generated audiences.
  3. Omnichannel Journeys – Generate cross-channel customer journeys
    1. Generate journeys based on refined and suggested audiences
    2. Select destinations for the journey, criteria for journey steps, length of journey (days), and number of touch points
    3. Integrate experimentation splits to measure how different branches of your omnichannels are performing for continuous improvement
  4. Automated Learning and Optimization – Use results from campaigns to increase suggestions, by default
    1. Because GrowthLoop stores the results of campaigns natively in its customers’ BigQuery accounts, it enables it to use retrieval augmented generation (RAG) to optimize suggestions by default

“GrowthLoop’s platform has made it possible for CMOs to anchor their first party data cloud strategy on Google Cloud with the full functionality of a CDP and the advantages of in-built cloud analytics and data science. I’ve met a lot of data-driven CMO’s and the ones that are betting on the cloud are consistently the first to benefit and deliver business value from all the innovation happening right now in generative AI.” – Yasmeen Ahmad, Managing Director of Product Activation, Data Analytics at Google Cloud.

“Marketers today are frustrated because they have 100 ideas, but the technology of today gets in the way so they can only run one of them at a time. We believe that Generative Marketing is going to fundamentally change the way marketers segment customers, personalize creative, orchestrate cross-channel journeys, and measure results. With Generative Marketing, now the technology melts away so campaigns can launch at the speed of the marketer and results can be achieved much faster” – Chris Sell, Co-founder and Co-CEO, GrowthLoop.