Uniphore Amplifies Enterprise AI with Breakthrough Capabilities for the X Platform

Uniphore Amplifies Enterprise AI with Breakthrough Capabilities for the X Platform

Uniphore customers can access solutions that solve today’s biggest challenges, such as hallucinations, data sovereignty, and privacy.

Uniphore, one of the world’s largest AI-native companies, is introducing breakthrough innovations for its X Platform that serve as a foundation for large enterprises to deliver better business results through enhanced customer and employee experiences.

According to the company, these innovations include the development of and usage of multiple modes of data to deliver AI solutions with pre-built guardrails which help ensure the successful integration of knowledge AI, emotion AI, and generative AI, leveraging all data sources including voice, video, and text in real time on its X Platform.

“Global enterprises are looking for robust AI solutions to not only solve current business challenges but find ways to deliver better customer and employee experiences to drive business forward in the future,” said Umesh Sachdev, co-founder and CEO of Uniphore. “Customers have come to rely on Uniphore to ensure they get the best end-to-end AI platform that leverages Knowledge AI, Emotion AI and Generative AI across voice, video and text-based channels for a complete solution.”

Uniphore customers now have access to solutions that solve today’s biggest challenges such as hallucinations, data sovereignty, and privacy, according to the company.

Enterprises benefit from Uniphore’s use of real-time, multi-mode AI across all its applications by humanizing the customer and employee experiences with contextual responses, accurate guidance, and with enhanced control of data privacy and security.

New features include:

  • Introduction of new manager application in U-Assist – to help managers support and enhance agent performance in real time.
  • Enhanced digital channel support for U-Self Serve via WhatsApp – enhanced GenAI capabilities including training sentences, document cognition, dialog modification, zero shot models, and repeat responses.
  • Enhancing meeting summarization in Q for Sales with Generative AI + Emotion AI – delivering actionable insights, based on buyer sentiment and engagement signals in virtual sales conversations.
  • Cloud-enabled voice and screen recording and streaming solution in U Capture: Next-Generation of U-Capture, which enables companies to stream and record voice and screen conversations in the cloud.