IdriveAI to Collaborate With BlackBerry

IdriveAI to Collaborate With BlackBerry

The recent collaboration fulfills IdriveAI’s mission to make roads safer and save lives with real-time driver monitoring systems.

IdriveAI Introduced its recent cooperation with BlackBerry Limited, infusing groundbreaking Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the BlackBerry IVY platform running on the QNX operating system in vehicles. IdriveAI will provide Facial Recognition AI, along with Driver Monitoring System (DMS) AI, for real-time driver monitoring for distraction and drowsiness detection as synthetic sensors.

Calin Mihalascu, IdriveAI’s Chief Revenue Officer,said, “This fulfills an essential part of our mission statement, making roads safer and saving lives. Combining forces with BlackBerry and bringing these safety features to the IVY platform is a huge step in this direction.”

This technology will be demonstrated at CES 2024 in the BlackBerry booth, #4224. The technology will include Driver Identification using Facial Recognition and will analyze Distracted and Drowsy Driving in real-time watching the driver’s behavior for head orientation, eyelid closure frequency, and use of cell phone to alert the driver in potentially dangerous situations.

IdriveAI has several other ongoing programs with BlackBerry to provide synthetic sensors to other IVY™ collaborators to create a unique in-cab, end user experience with unmatched power and integration. With over 15 years of experience in Automotive Electronics, Video, Object Recognition and Artificial Intelligence, IdriveAI is excited to bring its technology to the masses.