Kraft Unifies Sauce Line with Brand Refresh

Kraft Unifies Sauce Line with Brand Refresh

The Kraft Sauces brand is tied to a “It’s not art. It’s Kraft” creative platform that includes a playful content series on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram.

Kraft is shaking up its over 120-year-old brand by uniting its sauces, spreads, and dressings under a Kraft Sauces master brand, a refresh complete with a modernized logo — the first change of its kind in over a decade — and bold new packaging. The move aligns Kraft with a number of others who have sought a refreshed look over the last few years. The choice to refresh and rebrand comes as many consumers purchase Kraft condiments in two or more categories, per release details.

Accompanying the master brand is launching the “It’s not art. It’s Kraft.” The creative platform is inspired by generations of consumers who have felt the pressures of high cooking standards in a culture that treats everyone like a professional chef, per release details. Put simply, the platform is rooted in the idea that you don’t need to be a chef to make great food, according to Megan Lang, director of brand communications at the Kraft Heinz Company.

“Uniting our sauces, spreads, and dressings under a modernized and consistent brand visual identity and one powerful creative platform is a great step forward in reigniting the iconicity of our Kraft master brand. This brand evolution is rooted in a belief shared by the brand and our core consumer — that fancy doesn’t mean better,” Lang said in release details.

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The “It’s not art. It’s Kraft.” platform aims to communicate that ethos through multiple content series that poke fun at what it calls “serious chef culture.” The content will run on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. It will include “Not Chef’s Table,” a series that nods to “fancy kitchens and high-brow food” while showcasing accessible and delicious mayonnaise. Another series, “Shouting Chefs,” includes videos that will take cues from famous high-intensity professional chefs and pair it with uncharacteristically positive reinforcements. The efforts will be boosted by paid social and online video.

With the Kraft Sauces rebrand, the marketer also brings on five additional offerings as part of a Creamy Sauces line-up. The products include a Buffalo Style Mayonnaise Dressing, Burger Aioli, Smoky Hickory Bacon Flavored Aioli, and two additional aiolis in garlic and chipotle flavors. The sauce selections are inspired by the 77% of consumers interested in trying new aioli flavors, per release details.

With the addition of a new logo and packaging for Kraft Sauces, parent company Kraft Heinz continues its streak of evolving brands under its purview. Last spring, Kraft Singles rebranded for the first time in five years, while Jell-O later unveiled a new logo and packaging for the first time in a decade. In 2022, Kraft rebranded its macaroni and cheese to promote a comfort food positioning. The company also hasn’t shied away from creative marketing lately, having this week paired its Velveeta brand with actress Julia Fox to create a cheese-inspired hair dye.

According to its latest earnings statement, Kraft Heinz saw net sales decrease 7.1% in the fourth quarter, a decline that was attributed to ongoing consumer pressures. Still, the CPG marketer managed to post net sales gains of 0.6% for the full year, growth that CEO Carlos Abrams-Rivera expects will continue this year with support from brand investments.