Mastek Partners with Microsoft

Mastek Partners with Microsoft

The collaboration between Mastek and Microsoft will provide integrated GenAI-powered solutions, facilitating the transition from a digital-first to an AI-first approach.

Mastek, a trusted digital engineering and cloud transformation partner, announced a strategic collaboration with Microsoft. The collaboration is focused on pioneering innovative solutions that harness the capabilities of Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service and Azure AI Services—especially for the retail, healthcare, manufacturing, financial services, and public sector industries—through the integration of generative AI capabilities.

Hiral Chandrana, Global CEO, Mastek said, “By integrating -generative AI into Mastek’s core services, we are reshaping digital engineering, data cloud modernization, and customer experience transformation. Our collaboration with Microsoft underscores our unwavering dedication to innovation and excellence. Through the power of -generative AI, we lead businesses on a path of continuous evolution, unlocking unprecedented opportunities and driving true digital transformation.”

Sangita Singh, General Manager IT & ITES, at Microsoft India said, “We are thrilled to join forces with Mastek to reshape the landscapes of the retail, healthcare, and financial services sectors. Through our innovative generative AI solutions, we are empowering businesses to elevate operational efficiency, enhance customer experiences, and fuel sustainable growth. This collaboration underscores Mastek’s commitment to pioneering cutting-edge technology, enriching customer interactions, and driving progress in diverse industries worldwide.”

Recently, Mastek has signed a flagship deal in the banking sector, which involves generative AI capabilities to transform its customers’ marketing and service domains. Mastek is gaining further traction with customers by enriching its end-user experience through Azure OpenAI Service, which provides enterprise-grade access to OpenAI generative AI services.

Mastek has developed InfoGENious, a generative AI-based accelerator to answer user queries based on published articles, policies, and structured data. It offers 24/7 secured access to information with role-based controls and multi-language support. The accelerator is intended to improve user experience and productivity while reducing the need for manual interventions.