Munch Reveals Insights on Video Distribution Platforms

Munch Reveals Insights on Video Distribution Platforms

Around 43% of the surveyed businesses and creators prefer YouTube for their marketing needs, Munch unveiled.

Munch, an AI-powered automation platform for social media, released its annual state of short-form video 2024 report. After analyzing millions of video hours from over 500K content professionals worldwide, the report presents key insights into the utilization of short-form video content for marketers, and how businesses can effectively leverage this medium in marketing strategies to maintain a robust social media presence.

Oren Kandel, CEO and Co-Founder of Munch, said, “It is becoming increasingly clear that organizations that do not have a clear grasp on how to leverage short-form content to retain a strong online presence will fall behind. This report aims to empower marketers and businesses alike with the knowledge and tools to navigate this challenging terrain. With attention spans shrinking and the amount of content growing, consumers are increasingly demanding high quality, engaging, personalized videos that truly resonate. We’re seeing more and more technological solutions available helping companies of all sizes create short-form content in an accessible, timely manner. Harnessing such technology is crucial for marketers to create short-form clips to engage with their audience, drive conversations, and build lasting brand awareness.”

Munch’s report showcases that video content is no longer just an option, but a necessity for businesses and brands aiming for success. The report unveils a surprising trend in the social media platform preferences for video content distribution and how it differs between businesses and creators. While businesses favour Instagram and Facebook with 42% and 26% respectfully leveraging these platforms for their marketing needs, content creators show a different pattern with 43% preferring YouTube and 30% Instagram. Surprisingly, only 11% of creators are using TikTok to share content, and for businesses, TikTok doesn’t even rank among their top three platform choices. This points to a notable gap in TikTok, underscoring the platform’s challenges and its lower perceived value in contrast to more established platforms like Instagram and YouTube.

Reflecting on the widespread adoption of video marketing across all business sizes, Munch’s research indicates a varied distribution. Out of the businesses using short-form content in their marketing strategies, Munch found that only 8% are large enterprises, with the majority comprising small businesses (70%) and medium-sized businesses (22%). This demonstrates how video marketing has become an integral tool for businesses across the board in reaching and engaging diverse audiences. However, despite its growing popularity, many struggle to make viral clips and often rely on time-consuming solutions to help create short-form content. Munch’s report found the key to successful clips lies in a pacing of 150 words per minute and featuring 2-3 speakers to ensure a variety of perspectives and discourse. Furthermore, the optimal length for maximizing viewer engagement while remaining concise is around 40 seconds.