ThoughtSpot Expands Enterprise-Grade AI Offerings

ThoughtSpot Expands Enterprise-Grade AI Offerings

These new innovations make analytics invisible and outcomes visible by putting humans, not technology, at the core of data-driven decision-making.

 ThoughtSpot, an AI-powered analytics company, unveiled a monumental expansion to the company’s artificial intelligence capabilities that will reinvent how companies realize tangible business value from their data. These new innovations make analytics invisible and outcomes visible by putting humans, not technology, at the core of data-driven decision-making. In doing so, companies can spark their own Data Renaissance, and unleash the creativity and ingenuity of their people like never before while increasing efficiency and impact.

“It’s been a pivotal year for EA Games analytics team. GenAI unlocks so much opportunity, and as a business we’re focused on how we leverage the technology to continue to innovate and enhance our games and user experiences. ThoughtSpot helps us analyze and spot trends in our player acquisition, best-performing game features, and how we monetize our offerings. It’s extremely fast to answer any data question you input to then deliver a visualization that you can easily pin to your liveboard and ask the next question, and the next,” said Riley Molloy, senior manager of data science at Electronic Arts. “We anticipate significant efficiency gains as we continue to leverage the tool, especially with ThoughtSpot Sage as any stakeholder can use natural language to ask questions and get answers on their own, leaving me and my team to dig into more critical questions and proactive work, providing greater value to the studio.”

“In a matter of months, our trading and product teams have excelled as ThoughtSpot Power Users, leveraging its capabilities to analyze bookings, pricing, margins and hotel availability, in ways and timescales that we previously only dreamed of. This empowers our teams to enhance customer service and also boost profitability, by ensuring that hotels have sufficient availability, that prices are competitive and that margins are maximized. It ensures a rewarding experience for the customer, as well as a strong margin return for our business,” said Ian Pressman, Senior Data Manager, easyJet holidays. “ThoughtSpot Sage excites us, as it enables effortless ad-hoc questioning for instant answers at all levels, from business professionals to the leadership level, where rapid answers to ad-hoc questions are of the utmost importance.”

While the promise of analytics has captivated businesses for decades, data teams have been limited in their ability to keep up–trapped by the business intelligence industry’s reliance on hard coding SQL, static insights, and dead-end dashboards. But generative AI has created an opportunity to not only upend these longstanding data challenges, but usher in a new era for analytics. This Data Renaissance, fueled by advances in AI, is a chance for businesses of all sizes, across industries to reimagine how data can add value across every facet of their organization.

Simply adopting a foundational model will not be enough to spark this Data Renaissance, however. Instead, organizations need analytics platforms that prioritizes the human experience, focuses on outcomes, and delivers accurate answers built on a secure, strong, transparent data foundation. Customers such as Electronic Arts, easyJet holidays, Act-On, MDAudit and NorthPoint Development, are experiencing the business transformation and outcomes that AI-powered analytics are driving across their organizations. 

“Generative AI is speed-running the industry hype cycle, but it won’t bypass it. While it will go through the trough of disillusionment – in fact, many say that’s already started – it will be shorter, more compressed than other technologies. GenAI is already being used across the spectrum of consumption, creation, and computation. 

The hardest but highest value use cases are when GenAI is used for computing and formula driven use cases,” said Sudheesh Nair, CEO, ThoughtSpot. “ThoughtSpot is enabling large enterprise companies to implement these kinds of use cases at scale, without breaking governance and security standards that must be met. The analytics experiences and outcomes that our customers have been able to not only imagine,  but make real, shows we’re at the start of a true Renaissance in data, powered by AI, but with humans firmly behind the steering wheel.”