Nextdoor launches new solutions to maximize ad performance


The new Conversion API delivers higher visibility on ROI, connecting online activity to offline impact.

Nextdoor announced the launch of several new solutions to maximize ad performance, both online and offline. Nextdoor’s neighbors are real people who come to the platform with high intent, looking for their local needs and to share and connect with their local community. With these new solutions, advertisers have an expanded set of tools to reach and activate neighbors on Nextdoor.

Nextdoor has launched a new Conversion API (“CAPI”) that will expand and improve attribution capabilities both online and offline, giving advertisers maximum visibility into return on ad spend (ROAS). Building on Nextdoor’s conversion pixel capabilities, the CAPI allows advertisers to gain further insight into how media campaigns on Nextdoor impact offline returns, providing the ability to assign conversion on Nextdoor. Importantly, by receiving information on offline transactions, Nextdoor’s CAPI acts as a unified mechanism for both online and offline conversions, which is particularly useful for advertisers who may see the final conversion happen offline or with a significant delay following the initial lead.

Contextual targeting is already an integral part of the platform, and Nextdoor has further improved the ability to align customer messaging to relevant conversations. Nextdoor will now offer even greater transparency and controls to advertisers, helping to ensure high-value, optimal ad experiences on the platform. Leveraging the existing relationship with Oracle Advertising, advertisers will be able to leverage hundreds of categories, in addition to custom groupings based on Nextdoor’s own insights, delivering high-performance ads in a safe and highly relevant environment.

Video ads on Nextdoor are cost-effective and high-performing, central to Nextdoor’s mission of connecting brands to neighbors that matter. Starting in Q4 2023, brands of all sizes will be able to run self-serve video campaigns in Nextdoor Ads Manager, with no spend limit or restrictions. Nextdoor’s video offering is unique and differentiated in the crowded digital video landscape, as it empowers brands to use ad copy of up to 800 characters with dynamic local substitution and videos of up to 3 minutes long.

Nextdoor will also introduce lead generation ads to brands of all sizes in Q4 2023, serving as a powerful new tool to connect business and neighbors. This product will allow brands to save time by enabling them to convert Nextdoor’s high-intent audience into prospective new customers quickly and efficiently. Lead generation ads can deliver high-quality local leads, increase conversion rates, and build strong community relationships, as well as reach key household decision-makers active on Nextdoor. This will also give advertisers an easier way to measure ROI on Nextdoor by calculating cost per leads, and view leads in Nextdoor Ads Manager.